Trump’s tragic Paris Agreement

Surprising absolutely no one, causing sensible heads to be palm-struck all across the world, hobo globe-rider Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord this week. I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

The President now totally owns himself.

You want my feelings? In short, I’ll tell you: Blah consequences yada yada planet catastrophe hummina you fucking kidding me? The Paris Agreement is only a bare bones effort. There’s nothing binding in it. It’s closer to a mutual simpatico – or a continuing conference – than a step-by-step solution to anything. But apparently even a handful of meetings is too much for the business gargoyle cum pussy grabber. If ever there were a decision whereby you could take the immediate measure of a man, this would be it.

Squatting to adorn the announcement with own his touch, Trump read this from the teleprompter while his speechwriters hey-ooo’ed and high-fived in the aisles.

At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country? We want fair treatment for its citizens, and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us any more. And they won’t be. They won’t be.

I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris…

We know exactly what this crap is. It’s a poke in the eye aimed directly at the math n’ reality types, people like you and me. How dare we choose the haute couture brie eaters of Europe over the shaggy steel worker. Shame upon the softhands who’d choose a carafe of wine over a sixer of Schlitz. The fact that President Trump’s so stupid he surely believes Obama DID sign a treaty with the Mayor of Paris doesn’t fix the blood vessels in my eye.

Let’s not forgive this pile of lies.

Beyond the severe energy restrictions inflicted by the Paris Accord, it includes yet another scheme to redistribute wealth out of the United States through the so-called Green Climate Fund – nice name – which calls for developed countries to send $100bn to developing countries all on top of America’s existing and massive foreign aid payments.

…[and] obligate the United States to commit potentially tens of billions of dollars of which the United States has already handed over $1bn – nobody else is even close; most of them haven’t even paid anything – including funds raided out of America’s budget for the war against terrorism.

There are no energy restrictions in the Agreement. NONE, zero. As for the Green Fund, we maxed out our pledge at $3 billion, toward the goal of $100 billion. $66 billion of it has already been collected from other nations. And “Every country with an official pledge has made a contribution, and nearly all have already paid a larger share of their total pledge than the United States.” And saying that this effort – or any effort – to address Global Warming will shortchange the Joint Terrorism Task Force or something is all sorts of gutless puke.

This is Trump’s own man-made disaster. Essentially every syllable that came out of his privy-gasket mouth was equal parts insulting and walloping horseshit. It’s hard for me to describe what a foul mess this dead president is.

…and the slithy #covfefe did gyre and wimble…

It’s been four hours now and what’s surely the President’s Greatest Tweet Ever…

…is still up there for everyone to see. Despite all the negative covfefe it’s sure to get tomorrow.

I’m not ready to say he’s more neurologically impaired than any other 70 year-old NPD sufferer, especially one under the enormous strains of undertaking a job he’s totally unsuited for. But it does show one thing: Trump’s Twitter account is a fetish object. No one is allowed access to it other than The Donald himself. And that is a beautiful thing.

Katy Perry = Ethel Merman Rosenberg

Donald Trump fired James Comey, the FBI director who was investigating him. Because…why not? Jared Kushner tried to set-up a CIA-proof communications back channel with Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. Because what the hell, he wanted to. General – let’s not forget that, shall we? – Mike Flynn was a paid agent for two foreign states when Donald Trump handpicked him for the job at the National Security Agency. One of the first (and only) things he did in that capacity was quash an overseas operation that would have angered his employer, President Erdogan of Turkey.

What does any of this mean? To you, or me? Well…it means espionage, treason, impeachment proceedings, criminal trials, and a good old fashioned tar and feathering. For starters.

But what does it mean to the people who really matter? The rock-ribbed butt-chins of

7 Virtue-Signaling Celebrities Silent on Massacre of Coptic Christians

This means…SQUIRREL.

Left-wingers insist that they are the champions of minorities, yet one oppressed group always seems conspicuously absent from their social media virtue-signalling — Christian minorities in the Muslim world, like the estimated 26 Coptic Christians who were massacred by a Muslim gunman in Egypt earlier today…

Look everybody. It’s Bill Nye the HATE CRIMES guy.

“Science Guy” with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering declares in the title of his new Netflix show that he is going to “Save The World.” And, true to his word, the show is packed with socially-conscious, progressive-approved crusades, from man-made climate change to sticking up for the right of such overlooked minorities as “flirty pansexual wood-sprites.”

What’s that sound? A groundhog digging a hole? Someone shoveling gravel in the backyard? No it’s our author, grinding his teeth.

One would think that someone who knows of such obscure minorities would have a little time to Save the World from the persecution of religious minorities, but so far, the engineer-turned-kids-TV-comedian-turned-Netflix-superhero has said nothing about today’s massacre of Egyptian Christians.

It’s too early for the patriots to have formed any opinion about Trumpcrime – acts of treason, double dealing or obstruction of justice in front of everyone, in bright lights and on center stage. But if you happen to be a decent human and a celebrity to boot, and your Twitter timeline isn’t now dripping with tribal curses and vows of revenge over a tragedy some 12,000 miles away, they know all about you: You Suck. They couldn’t be any angrier with you. We’re talking about Christians from the Nile delta here, REMEMBER THEM? Your silence speaks volumes, and you can never be forgiven: you will be targeted. will promptly serve your head on a Gadsden platter for their readers to eat your pantywaist brains, with bile and aspic.

4. Meryl Streep

…Streep has yet to say anything about today’s extraordinary violation of human rights in Egypt.

5. George Takei

…Six of his eight tweets today have been devoted to criticism of the Trump administration. None mention the attack in Egypt.

There’s a painfully routine occurrence of religious violence in the Arab world, where a hundred people are murdered at a time. Neither Meryl Streep nor usually stop whatever they’re doing to engage in any virtue-signaling (which the rageblog seems to be sanctioning here, oddly). For some reason though this particular tragedy is singular and demands some proper tsk-tsk head shaking and hand waving…OR ELSE. It’s as if the world under Trump had become somehow different. More dramatic maybe, or difficult. It’s as if being hectored to come to terms with mass murder would make us see how remarkable the president is. Hmm.

I would remind the Shitebarters that we liberal heathens are terrific champions of Christians here at home. 26 million of them would have Trump devastate their health insurance if it weren’t for us, the très phony baloney scientists and pop singers. Access to healthcare is precious and very much needed – and sometimes, in some cases, it’s as precious as life itself. But will the true bloods listen to little ole’ me? Do they ever? NOOOOO.

Aww jeez somebody needs a nap

The dudgeon’s high but I’m holding on
I’m gonna whinge and prattle on…

We Are Watching A Slow-Motion Coup D’etat

This coup d’etat is not only about President Trump. It represents not the rule of one man or even many, but by the multitude of our elites.

James Downton is so wound up with ressentiment du dorque he can barely think. Anyone who questions the fitness of President Donald Trump is either a bankrolled actor or conspirator. If I recall, it was only yesterday…

After a steady stream of emerging controversies and even impeachment talk, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has once again hit a new low among registered voters.

According to the latest Morning Consult/Politico survey, 53 percent disapprove of the president’s job in office, while 41 percent approve.

…we saw he was 12 points underwater. That’s territory Obama never saw in eight years. To be clear: this is not a poll of Yale’s Whiffenpoofs. So don’t go and tell me that Alinsky saboteurs have taken wrenches to the country’s power structure.

This is also the third time just this month that the president’s numbers have hit a new low in the Morning Consult/Politico survey.

Like all narcissists, Donald cannot handle serious responsibility. So yeah, he’s destroying himself. He’s just not that into reality, dude. Nay, Downton:

Since November 9, 2016, forces within the U.S. government, media, and partisan opposition have aligned to overthrow the Electoral College winner, Donald Trump.

To achieve this they have undermined the institutions of the Fourth Estate, the bureaucratic apparatus of the U.S. government, and the very nature of a contentious yet affable two-party political system.

Oh the slings and arrows, etc. If you, the reader, get off on the likes of *whoosh* Publius Decius Mus *golf clap* jabbering about “the totalizing power of the administrative state” versus sunday sunday SUNDAY “virtue, morality, religious faith, stability, character and so on in the individual,” well then. Today is your lucky “final option to head off the transformation of the American republic into an administrative state where bureaucrats would wield an immutable regulatory dictatorship over the American citizenry.” And, don’t forget, the machine that goes PING.

Let’s cut to the chase. SHORTER James Downton, pedigreed fool, The Federalist:

Nancy Pelosi fired James Comey so America could be run by Mike Pence.

Is it just me?

I thought the news dropped a bombshell yesterday.

Report: Trump Told Russians He Fired ‘Nut Job’ Comey Because Of Investigation

If you’re anything like me you’ve been reading up on what fairly amounts to obstruction of justice. And you just picked your jaw off the floor. But first, the statutory reveries of the New York Times:

There have been comparisons of Mr. Trump’s statements to the Watergate cover-up that toppled President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. The “smoking gun” recording in that case, however, was much more incriminating as Mr. Nixon told H. R. Halderman, his chief of staff, six days after the break-in that the C.I.A. needed to tell the F.B.I. “don’t go any further into this case.”

Okay, boss. Post after post, time after time, I keep coming across the same thing.

1.) Intent.
2.) And the intent?
3.) At the time, what was his intent?

Whether Mr. Trump could be found to have the requisite intent is not clear from the memorandum Mr. Comey is reported to have written about their conversation in February. Asking the F.B.I. director to “let this go” regarding Mr. Flynn is the type of ambiguous comment that might not be interpreted as directly interfering in the investigation, and therefore insufficient to establish a corrupt intent.

Quote: “…ambiguous comment that might not be interpreted as directly interfering in the investigation, and therefore insufficient to establish a corrupt intent.” The take-home is that until you can get inside The Donald’s head and see he meant to impede the investigation, proving obstruction is nearly impossible.

Then yesterday.

Washington (CNN)– President Donald Trump bragged to two top Russian officials last week that firing “nut job” FBI Director James Comey eased “great pressure” on him, The New York Times reported Friday.

“I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Trump said, according to the Times. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

Trump’s Oval Office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak came one day after Comey was fired…

This is “intent”, right? Anyone? Bueller? Looks to me like a confession. It’s as if he just remembered to send the hangman’s noose out for gilding. If you want to know why Trump acted the way he did, I’d start there.

Am I the only one amazed by this?

And in the wake of a Friday New York Times report in which Trump is said to have told the Russians “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off,” after firing Comey, Toobin believes a statement like that might just be an admission of guilt.

“If you just parse the words that Donald Trump says, it does seem very close to a confession of obstruction of justice,” Toobin said. “He is talking about James Comey, who was investigating him and his campaign in connection with the whole Russia campaign matter, and he says ‘I fired him and the pressure’s off.’ It doesn’t seem much more complicated than that.”

Okay, me and Jeffrey Toobin. Now all we need is is about a dozen red state Senators, which shouldn’t be all that hard… *whistles*

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman (in dreams)…

I don’t enjoy seeing my country torn apart by shameless lying, political chaos or naked treason. I’d prefer the folks in charge merely do whatever it is they’re supposed to do without making a fuss. But if we’re going to suffer through bad times – and with Donald Trump those are guaranteed – then I’ll take my entertainment wherever I can get it, perverse as that might be.

While the rest of us now have to keep up with the daily crimes of Trump while trying not to shear our shaking heads off, like one of those talcum-and-graphite extras in a Tool video, Trump’s believers are having an altogether different experience. Though you could also say they’re astonished at someone’s behavior, that someone would be us. We’re the ones who are committing something like crimes.

All This Impeachment Talk Is Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome

Well this didn’t take long, did it?

This is the libertarian take at Reason.

Donald Trump, the most-unlikely and least-liked president in the history of the United States, had barely celebrated his first 100 days when calls for his impeachment started flying faster than Anthony Weiner dick pics at a Girl Scout cookout.

Nick Gillespie, Fonzie of Freedom, isn’t much interested in Trump’s impressing, pressing, firing and then Tweet-threatening James Comey. The FBI Director was reportedly investigating somebody important about something at the time, but you know how the lamestream media are.

For the good of democracy, don’t you see, the Republicans must not only be kicked to the curb in the 2018 midterms, but the president himself must be thrown into the street, just like he once tried to evict that old lady from her house in Atlantic City!

Italics his, as well his use of short-sheeting irony. If you think he can’t keep up the Neslon Muntz act for an entire post, well…

That man in the White House is vulgar, disrespectul, maybe even dangerous. So what?…the 1990s called, they want their sex scandals back!

…think again. Credit Nick for trying “They hate him even more now AMIRITE?!” as the ultimate head-desk take.

For something a little more adult, in the murder mystery vein, try this guy:

Gregg Jarrett: Comey’s revenge is a gun without powder

James Comey was lying in wait.

His gun was cocked, he took aim and fired. But his weapon was empty…

Jarrett is an attorney and a Fox News regular. You can bet his phone is full of voicemails from the boys upstairs.

Now, only after Comey was fired, the memo magically surfaces in an inflammatory New York Times report which alleges that Mr. Trump asked Comey to end the Michael Flynn investigation.

…Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in criminal charges against Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361) He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law.

What’s this all about? Well, I’m guessing it’s now Jarrett’s job to do something with the dead body. So he’s propping it up with a coat rack and shuffling its feet around with his hands.

But by writing a memo, Comey has put himself in a box. If he now accuses the President of obstruction, he places himself in legal jeopardy for failing to promptly and properly report it. If he says it was merely an uncomfortable conversation, he clears the president of wrongdoing and sullies his own image as a guy who attempted to smear the man who fired him.

Either way, James Comey comes out a loser…

If all this sounds senseless to you allow me to throw in my two cents, at least as much as I understand it. Jarrett is putting forth a legal argument you might call the “Five Second Rule.” If Trump somehow obstructed justice with respect to the FBI Director, what follows is a test of legal sufficiency and human will. James Comey has a mere few minutes to run over to the Supreme Court with his hair on fire and collapse on the front steps. Unfortunately ‘minutes’ is not much time and, once it’s up, then It’s All Entirely Legal, Jimbo. Also something something hummina you have the right to remain silent, hump.

Speaking of time, mine is short but before I go let’s get some other reactions. Paul Ryan?

“We need the facts. It is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president, but we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the White House, and that means, before rushing to judgment, we get all the pertinent information.”

Trump is the victim here – there’s a meme for you. As usual a prominent Republican is being unfairly accused of subverting democracy, molesting teen boys, shotgunning friends in the face while drunk, etc. Also:

“I’m sure we’re going to hear from Mr. Comey about why, if this happened as he describes, why he didn’t take action at the time,” Ryan said. “So there are a lot of unanswered questions.”

Comey is the real bad guy. That’s the other meme. Whatever the FBI Director did, I’m sure it’s a whole lot worse than anything that humble public servant Donald Trump has done. And you know that Comey is a Republican, right? Fat lot of good that will do him in the coming weeks and months…


He makes it harder to lie, doesn’t he?

This is real? Seriously?

This is interesting. We have a chief executive under fire for collusion with the Russians who’s willing to risk his presidency by dropping our most sensitive national secrets on…the Russians. In front of shocked attendants and aides, Trump enlightened the foreigners visiting the White House. He’s got plenty of chutzpah. He’s got a penchant for driving the narrative into deep water.

At first hearing, there’s the must-be-kidding-me frisson of shock. But then the threadbare Trump dissonance creeps in, like the tide. Hell, he could’ve done it. You’re stuck between being quik-thrilled at the prospect of his treason and the hopelessness of it being true. The President just did something that would’ve gotten any chief executive before Ronald Reagan summarily hanged.

Yes I’ve read the take at LawFare, and they’re sounding like sensible conservatives. We’ll take it while we can:

Fifth, this may well be a violation of the President’s oath of office. Questions of criminality aside, we turn to the far more significant issues: If the President gave this information away through carelessness or neglect, he has arguably breached his oath of office.

There’s more to this “Oath” than I ever understood, and I’m grateful for that.

Congress has alleged oath violations—albeit violations tied to criminal allegations or breaches of statutory obligations—all three times it has passed or considered seriously articles of impeachment against presidents: against Andrew Johnson (“unmindful of the high duties of his oath of office”), Richard Nixon (“contrary to his oath”), and Bill Clinton (“in violation of his constitutional oath”). Further, two of the three articles of impeachment against Nixon alleged no direct violation of the law.

It’s all mysterious to me. I know that what’s obviously wrong is wrong, but I don’t know what counts for enough to dispense with the biggest threat to the country we’ve seen in our lives.

No, not Virginia!

We’ve barely noticed little Charlottesville in all the chaos that has become our Cartoon Nation. Maybe some uppity crackers will take pity on the town?

Several dozen torch-wielding protesters gathered in Charlottesville’s Lee Park just after 9 p.m. Saturday, chanting “You will not replace us,” “Russia is our friend” and “Blood and soil.”

After about 10 minutes, Charlottesville police arrived at the scene following an altercation between protesters. The crowd quickly dispersed with no further incidents, according to police.

Thanks volks. They seem nice.

The group congregated in Lee Park by a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, which is slated to be removed from the premises later this year following a February city council vote. Earlier in the day, protestors had also gathered at nearby Jackson Park, voicing their commitment to protecting what they called their “white heritage.”

Call me paranoid, but my spider sense is definitely tingling. I think this has something to do with the current president – but what exactly? Eh, hmmm. Gonna sit right here and stroke my chin for a bit, you go on ahead…

I beg your garden. I never promised you a rose pardon.

Chris Cilizza is no longer at the Washington Post any more, he’s over at CNN now. And if you’re trying to remember which part of Mouthpiece Theater he was, whether he sat on the right or the left, forget it. He looked and acted just like the other guy.

New digs aside, Chris still does the same old schtick. ‘I told you all to SHUSH.’

About that Rose Garden health care photo with all the white guys….

House Republicans marched to the White House on Thursday afternoon to celebrate their victory: Passage of the American Health Care Act…

You’ll likely notice — as the Internet did very quickly — that there are only white men visible in that picture. Which is not a great image to be sending to the country following the passage of a controversial healthcare law and while fighting back against the stereotype that your party is largely populated by, wait for it, white men.

I was blissfully unaware:

1.) That any American political party full of white men had a “stereotype” problem. I was not aware this perception was somehow unfair. The GOP tends to be as much “whitey” as a wolverine tends to be “bitey.” And…

2.) That any Republican was “fighting back” against this.

In addition I don’t recall Donald Trump being sheepish about his race. Nor do I remember him being interested in a non-pejorative way in anybody else’s. I do however recall him winning in November and becoming our president.

It is entirely possible that Chris is blissfully unaware of who and what the GOP are. Hint: They dominate all three branches of our government and the vast majority of the legislatures in our paler states.

There are two women in the photo, by the way. But one is obscured by Vice President Mike Pence and the other’s face cannot be seen behind Texas Rep. Kevin Brady.

But, if you stretch the frame out a bit, you see that there were more women there — just outside of the frame of the first picture…

So, as is often the case, the picture seized on by the social media horde — especially the liberals within it — doesn’t tell the whole story.

So, as is often the case, Chris is smart and you’re dumb. By a quick count there are forty people in the photo and every one of them is a white man. But this is of absolutely no consequence, of course. Thirty-one percent of the country is somehow ninety-nine percent of the GOP…so? Is there some point to this? What matters is that liberals missed seeing part of a woman’s face behind Mike Pence. JACKALS.

In addition, though it can’t be seen – “in the photo” – there’s another woman there. She’s standing behind a white man (…and who isn’t?). There’s also a mosquito having a petit mal seizure, a gopher digging a fabulous burrow, and a flaming World War II bomber circling behind the White House. Trust me, they’re all there “in the photo.” But how hard did you look for them? Did you even try? Pfft, you people.

Amazing that Chris would call out anyone who commented on this. If somebody can’t see the point, it’s him.

The post-vote celebration is a photo opportunity. It’s public relations. It’s been entirely arranged by the White house and the GOP. Gathered at the center of it, along with Trump and Pence, are the bigwigs in Republican politics. It’s a political statement: These are the people who matter.

Cilizza isn’t bothered by this in the least. Not by The Warriors-style confab or the seventies-era Apartheid. He’s too busy scanning photos with a magnifying glass to care. HOORAY he found part of a woman’s face, so the day is won. Now he gets to lecture us about seeing the bigger picture…

Republicans are the most disgusting…

In ramming a dangerous healthcare bill through the House without anyone having seen it – including their own congress members – and without the Congressional Budget Office having any time to score it – giving Americans no warning of what’s about to happen to them (…so long insurance…) – Paul Ryan and the Republicans have hit Peak Scum.

Congratulations jerks. I thought maybe Dennis Hastert, the former Republican Speaker of the House who turned out to be a serial child molester, had set the unattainable bar. But boy was I wrong.

House Republicans have scheduled a vote today on a mystery bill that will repeal Obamacare and replace it with…nobody knows. Which, I suggest, is not how anyone interested in public service should behave. Any time millions of people’s lives are at stake (and there’s no doubt about that) you would expect such people to understand their responsibilities and act accordingly.

But that’s not what we’ve got. Instead we’ve got a bunch of grown men and women knowing nothing about healthcare, caring nothing about the consequences of denying it to millions of people, and skulking around like a gang of thugs – a church-going horde of Reagan-n-Randites jacked up on adrenaline and operating by way of late night calls and back room huddles, in between the usual slapping of backs and praying for FREEDOM. And almost every one of them is ‘unable to comment on the bill’ (which would give Americans some warning) because ‘Well, I haven’t seen it’. Which of course is entirely by design.

With only hours to go, a few internet folks have gleaned a few details of what could soon become law. And it’s WORSE than what you’d ever guess. There’s little doubt why AHCA II (The Immiserating) is a more precious secret than our current nuclear missile deployments.

What’s the Rush? Sarah Kliff tells us that’s it’s all part of a Republican long game where tax cuts are king. They don’t care how much screeching and wailing the American public does after realizing their insurance has been reduced to a smoking crater. Why is that? Because the rich get massive tax cuts! AMERICA WINS.

You’ve got insurance through your employer? You’re getting screwed, too. You’re white, work hard, and you voted Republican. You think you’re safe? HAH. The Republicans threw in a provision to exempt your boss from having to pay for certain expensive illnesses. If you fall into that category, expect to pay thousands to hundreds of thousands more out of pocket.

Special Ed kids, too? The developmentally disabled? In order to tally up bigger government savings – meaning bigger tax cuts for the wealthy – Republicans have drastically cut Medicaid expenditures. This means that schools who provide education and therapy to our most vulnerable children will be hard-hit, and will likely abandon services unless the states pick up the rest of the costs. Given that most state legislatures are right-wing batcaves, good luck with that.

Finally, Jonathan Chait:

They are rushing through a chamber of Congress a bill reorganizing one-fifth of the economy, without even cursory attempts to gauge its impact. Its budgetary impact is as yet unknown. The same is true of its social impact, though the broad strokes are clear enough: Millions of Americans will lose access to medical care, and tens of thousands of them will die, and Congress is understandably eager to hasten these results without knowing them more precisely. Their haste and secrecy are a way of distancing the House Republicans from the immorality of their actions.

I will only add that if you ever happen to come across Rep. Paul Ryan, you should free to haul off and punch his face. (Oh I would like to say that but, because I am a decent guy, unlike him, I won’t…)