Remember: Nobody knows more about it than he does

Shutdown. Day 16 down, day 17 dawns. Nothing good will likely happen today.

And while it seems hopeless that sanity will return anytime soon, as America is being trolled by a seriously mentally ill man, perhaps we can take some solace. Maybe there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel. Because, when you think about it…remember? We’re talking about Donald Trump here. He knows more about this than anybody on Earth.

More about what, you say? More about everything – you name it. More about this stuff.

Nobody knows more about taxes, income, construction, campaign finance, drones, technology, this type of technology, infrastructure, the H-1B, the H-2B, ISIS, the other side of the picture, environmental impact statements, the power of Facebook, renewables, polls, courts, steel workers, golf, banks, trade, nuclear weapons, the tax laws, lawsuits, offense and defense, devaluation, money, the system, debt, the game, contributions, the word ‘apprentice’, politicians, politicians, the other side, the other side, the other side, the other side, it, and politicians than he does.

He knows a lot.

He knows more about it than he’s ever going to tell you.

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