Goodbye Louis C.K.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Quote: I don’t know. They testify in Congress, these kids.

Louis riffing on survivors of the Parkland massacre. Seriously. Swear to god.

What are you doing? You should be crazy! You should be unhinged…

…you should be wacky and cool! Like me. And not be lame-asses all uptight about hang-ups. Why keep pretending to be so sad? The shooting ended up a big media event – you could be getting laid. What the hell is wrong with you? News vans and cameras are everywhere, but all you want to do is talk about DEATH.

I’m here to tell…FUCK YOU. That’s not interesting. Just because you went to a high school where kids got shot…

… a school where ‘kids’ got shot. Or ‘friends’, or ‘you’. I’m here to tell … fuck you.

Yeah, goodbye.

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