It’s not an accident

Donald Trump’s number one, General John Kelly, has a number one of his own: Staff Secretary Rob Porter. Porter resigned today after credible allegations arose that he’s a wife beater.

As the FBI conducted a background check on an incoming senior White House official last year, the bureau learned of the man’s history of domestic abuse. Rob Porter, a top aide to President Donald Trump, physically assaulted both of his previous wives, according to the two women. Porter’s first wife said she was physically abused for years, providing a photograph she took of herself after she said Porter hit her while on vacation in Florence, Italy — a photo she also shared with the FBI.

“Up until then, he had always done it in a way that didn’t leave marks,” Holderness said. “I don’t know if that was conscious or not. He would get angry and throw me down on a soft surface — to his credit, it was always a soft surface like a couch or a bed — and he would lay on top of me shaking me, or rubbing an elbow or a knee into me. He graduated to choking me, not ever hard enough to make me pass out, or frankly to leave marks, but it was frightening and dehumanizing.”

The Federal Bureau of Liberals was so alarmed by what they learned they denied him employment. You can’t let a violent lunatic like that have access to the White House, President Trump, and the country’s most sensitive intelligence. Of course. Nonetheless Trump’s BFFs thought his ‘resignation’ was a terrible tragedy because Rob is a superior great man of the highest integrosity, etc..

“Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor and I can’t say enough good things about him,” The Daily Mail published [Gen. John] Kelly as saying. “He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional. I am proud to serve alongside him.”

So did Sanders.

“I have worked directly with Rob Porter nearly every day for the last year and the person I know is someone of the highest integrity and exemplary character,” the Daily Mail quoted [Sarah] Sanders as saying.

Utah senator Orrin Hatch was outraged. Not in the good way.

“It’s incredibly discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man. Shame on any publication that would print this—and shame on the politically motivated, morally bankrupt character assassins that would attempt to sully a man’s good name. I know Rob. I’ve known him for years, both as a close friend and as a personal advisor. He is kind and considerate towards all. The country needs more honest, principled people like Rob Porter, which is why I hope that this cynical campaign to discredit his character ultimately fails.”

Breaking: THIS AIN’T NEWS. The Trump swamp is loaded with these jerks. If you think Stephen Miller is a loving partner to whomever or whatever he mates with, you are sorely mistaken. These are the nastiest bunch of screws we’ve ever seen. These assholes make G. Gordon Liddy look like Dr. Phil.

Donald Trump, chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, and his now vanquished choice for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, have one deeply disturbing thing in common: Each of them have had wives who accused them of physical assaults…

In a 1988 petition, [Lisa Fierstein] stated that Puzder “assaulted and battered me by striking me violently about the face, chest, back, shoulders and neck, without provocation or cause,” which caused “bruises and contusions to the chest, back, shoulders and neck … two ruptured discs and two bulging discs,” among other injuries.

Fierstein said “he hit her and threw her to the kitchen floor and unplugged the phone after she tried to call police for help,” according to a published report. Puzder denied using physical violence but said he pushed her during that altercation and stated she may have tripped over her own feet, causing her to hit the ground.

Trump’s Karl Rove, Stephen Bannon:

Like the early wives of Trump and Puzder, Bannon’s second wife accused him in 1996 of domestic violence. Police even documented the choke marks on her neck from Bannon, and he was charged with a crime, and allegedly dissuaded her from pursuing the case under the threat that she would be poor and destitute without his support.

A police report obtained by Politico alleges that Bannon destroyed the phone she was trying to use to call 911.

Apparently smashing the phone is a thing among the fightin’ Trumpers. Donald himself:

Trump and his first wife, Ivana, had almost the exact same scenario. Mind you, when a judge granted their divorce, which was filed by Ivana and went uncontested by Donald, it was granted on the grounds of his “cruel and inhuman treatment” of her. She said in a deposition that in a rage over a scalp reduction surgery gone bad, she suffered a “violent assault” at his hands in which he ripped fistfuls of hair from her scalp, ripped her clothes off, and raped her. She called it rape in a deposition and in private accounts of the incident.

Let’s not forget the Access Hollywood tape:

I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married.

And I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” I took her out furniture – I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there…

I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Remember when Corey Lewandoski assaulted reporter Michelle Fields?

Donald Trump has accused Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields of fabricating a story about being grabbed and bruised by his campaign manager.

“This was, in my opinion, made up,” Trump told CNN after Thursday night’s Republican debate. “Everybody said nothing happened. Perhaps she made the story up. I think that’s what happened.”


Remember the old days when U.S. Presidents held press conferences? Remember when it was possible to ask them questions? Boy, that really takes me back.

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