Post-Nunes…number one?

Hello, back in town.

Where to begin…I was trucking southbound on the 101 around San Jose when I heard the Nunes memo got released. For hours all I could get on AM radio was right wing talk. I rumbled away while the hosts sputtered at turns disbelieving and apoplectic, one courageously offering ‘my head is spinning’, while another stopped the broadcast to do his voice-from-the-grave: ‘You either love liberty. Or you love tyranny.’ Everyone agreed this was the biggest scandal in global history.

This was more likely the biggest moment of their lives. Their voices were shaking, their banter was kinship, their demeanor was grave. When they came back from commercial break, both Edmund Burke and Liberty had been rendered pale. I’m old enough to remember the moon landing, and that’s the only comparison I can draw. Today was a political life-moment that can’t be duplicated.

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