State of Disunion

Look at Mr. Nice Guy.

President Donald Trump will talk about “building a safe, strong and proud America” in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, according to the White House.

Big tough man who beat the voters senseless with Malaise Weakbutt America has altogether changed his tune. Lightened up, buttercup.

…“the tone will be one of bipartisanship and it will be very forward looking,” according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters at the White House on Friday. Trump will be “unifying” and speak “from the heart.”

If nothing else Donald Trump is all about LOVE. Puppytime fee-fees, decency, and respect. Communal effort, bipartisanship and mutual understan…cough. Whew we can all get along now.

But why? And why now? Has the president actually changed the country? Is it all better now? Have we begun to appreciate it, and him?

It’s not Him. Okay. Well then has he made Us any better? Moderated the media and mean? Moved the needle of our moods? Has he done the impossible – melted our icy hearts?

Washington Post-ABC polling released Sunday suggests that, even before Trump inserted himself into the NFL protests, most Americans viewed him as a president who was doing more to divide the country than to unite it. About two-thirds of Americans felt that Trump, despite his insistent rhetoric that the country needs to unite, was, in fact, driving Americans apart.

No. It ain’t us, either. Okay. It must be something else.

Perhaps our president is…playing politics. Perhaps he is placing self preservation above all else. Because that would make lots of sense.

Trump is eternally obsessed with public perception – he won’t have missed any headlines. He’s put a finger up and gauged the wind. He’s taken the temperature of the room, chock-full of counselors and prosecutors, and now he’ll be suddenly glad to pal around with America’s losers. Yes this means YOU, can you believe it? Because you’re his potential jurors:

Trump relented only when McGahn threatened to resign, an echo of the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre, in which President Nixon’s top Justice Department officials resigned rather than carry out his order to fire the special counsel investigating the Watergate break-in.

…legal experts say that Trump’s pattern of behavior has made the case against him much stronger, because that pattern shows Trump repeatedly attempting to undercut the investigations into Russian interference and obstruction, and then in some cases misleading the public about it.

Now he’s gonna come clean. He’s gonna show America the Real President Trump Donald Honeybun. Sweetgum Candypants. Crotchgrab Trueheart. Turns out the Aga Khan is quite pink and playful! Like any good patriot, I’m absolutely delighted. This will either be the first or last time a fine young man sought to touch our hearts. Though not because…

“There’s a credible case of obstruction of justice against the president of the United States,” Blumenthal said on CNN’s “OutFront.”…

“He is entitled to make a defense, he has a right to present arguments and facts that exonerate him,” he continued. “He has no right to misuse the powers of his office to intimidate witnesses, to fire prosecutors, to withhold documents or destroy them, and that is a very clear line that evidently he doesn’t respect.”

Not long ago when Wolff’s book came out Trump found himself in an awkward bipartisan meeting where he had to pretend to be sane and productive. Hours later he was calling every country East or West of the Rockies “shitholes”. The second mistake was clearly tied to the first.

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