And here we are. Those government-lovin’ fools, the Republicans, have somehow managed to tie the one and only federal authority we have into a pretzel. AGAIN. What’s going to happen now no one knows – in part because the idiot the GOP has tapped to run the whole shebang doesn’t even know his own mind.

Would Donald Trump like to have some timely legislation to keep the government going? Sure he would, he’ll sign whatever the congress gives him. Would he like to confront the double-dealin’ Democrats on their backstabbin’ immigrant-lovin’ #AMNESTY? You bet he would. Don’t let the moonbats think for a second they can get away with letting illegals hang around, no sir.

After the president ordered cameras out of the Cabinet Room that day, the group delved into the details. Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump’s homeland security secretary, and her staff passed out a four-page document on the administration’s “must haves” for any immigration bill — a hard-line list that included $18 billion for Trump’s promised border wall, eliminating the diversity visa lottery program and ending “extended family chain migration,” according to the document, which was obtained by The Washington Post.

But one person seemed surprised and alarmed by the memo: the president.

With Democrats and Republicans still in the room, Trump said that the document didn’t represent all of his positions, that he wasn’t familiar with its contents and that he didn’t appreciate being caught off-guard… That meeting nearly two weeks ago, and the president’s ambivalence, marked the beginning of yet another period of Trump-fueled tumult that helped push the federal government into a shutdown at midnight Friday.

You’d think that sort of epic dysfunction and chaos would have sorted itself out by now. Y’know, seeing as how the deadline for shutdown was last night. But no. President Donald Trump knows nothing more today about any of the issues, or about himself, than he did yesterday.

So what will he do? Now that he’s all but killed the thing he was put in charge of running? Well…what can he do?

Trump’s attempt to deflect blame for the shutdown included, of course, a Twitter hashtag campaign, which was meant to show that the public blames Schumer for the shutdown. His entire family and top aides joined in on the effort, posting tweets with the hashtag #SchumerShutdown in the hopes of amplifying its reach.

He can Tweet.

But as the Republican-controlled Senate moved to shut down the government late Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning, another hashtag was dominating Twitter’s top trends — and this one pinned the blame squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

By just before midnight Friday evening, #TrumpShutdown was the top trending hashtag worldwide. The hashtag continued to dominate throughout the morning on Saturday, making for an unpleasant surprise when Trump awoke on the anniversary of his inauguration.

Seriously. It’s all he can do. Good luck with that, pal.

It’s pretty rare in life you come across such a total nob that you can just point at him and the truth becomes clear: WHAT A LOSER. But there he is, in all his blubbery glory. President Trump, biggest fuckup in the world.

AND: The Atlantic has more.

…the president [is] repeatedly backing out of commitments he makes to them in private once he hears from conservative Republicans. That occurred when Trump initially told Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois he would support the immigration deal Durbin struck with Graham and four other lawmakers only to flip his position a few hours later. And, according to Schumer, the president did it again in the final hours before the shutdown began, after the Senate minority leader said he bolstered the Democrats’ offer and put funding for Trump’s border wall on the table. “He backed off at the first sign of pressure,” Schumer complained early Saturday morning after the midnight deadline had passed.

Politically speaking, Trump is spineless. He’s terrified of appearing soft, so he’s backing out of one deal after another that his Nazi base (thank you, Stephen Miller) could consider ‘compromise.’ I don’t know how he survives going on like this. I cant believe I have to type this, but here we go: The administration’s white supremacists have got him by the balls.

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