Sic Semper Crazypants

In a bizarre Fox News appearance on Friday, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) claimed that President Trump has “changed the entire complexion of our entire country.”

I think Kelly meant it in the I-just-took-three-tabs-of-Roger-Rabbit sorta way.

“But the big news — the big news is for America, you look at today, and I can tell you walking around the streets of Pittsburgh, people walking more erect, not just whispering ‘Merry Christmas’ but saying ‘Hey, Merry Christmas.’ You can feel it, you can see it. And I’m not just pumping sunshine for the sake of pumping sunshine. I am telling you, this is a different country.”

The congressman presents an intractable circumstantial problem. People who have been conned entirely out of their life savings, houses, dignity, etc. cannot bear to know the truth. It’s too traumatic. I have no doubt Kelly walks around Pittsburgh with a song in his heart and a bluebird on his shoulder. Because it beats the hell out of knowing a sex criminal with a personality disorder could launch a first strike on Pyongyang any minute – thanks in part to you. Merry Christmas to the unsuspecting bastards shuffling down the sidewalks.

“I will tell you what. For those people on the Trump train or not on the Trump train, this is high-speed rail right now. And so if you’re not on the Trump train, you get on the train or get off the tracks. You’re gonna get run over…”

That’s the spirit:

President Trump’s criticism of the FBI is reportedly damaging morale among agents in the bureau, current and former FBI officials told The New York Times.

The agency’s new director is also reportedly under pressure to remove people whom he perceives as loyal to former Director James Comey

Trump earlier this month said on Twitter the FBI’s “reputation is in tatters — worst in history!”

…cue fading steam whistle. Anyway, back to the Hon. Yellow Sunshine. Think Progress notes the same communities where the Representative reportedly sees people bouncing in step to Trump’s siren song have been polled. And they hate his guts.

President Donald Trump’s job performance rating has declined measurably in Pennsylvania, but despite that shift, he maintains strong support among his core base.

That is the overall finding of a new Franklin & Marshall College Poll released [3 months ago].

The poll – conducted by the college’s Center for Politics and Public Affairs – finds that Trump’s support…has slipped since May, declining, falling from 37 percent in a May poll to 29 percent in the September poll.

29 percent. That’s across all of Pennsylvania. Meaning the polling isn’t limited to Kelly’s enthusiastic and erectile Pittsburgh, where black people live and Trump’s numbers are guaranteed to be even lower. That was also back at the end of Summer, before Trump’s pals got all their commemorative counsel indictments and complimentary mug shots.

Here’s something else: Good luck getting Trump impeached. You can see what a long haul that will be. Kelly, et. al., will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Masons’ hall where that clip of Trump tending spit-roasted orphans plays on a loop…

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