For Republicans, anything but guns (part three)

Sunday October 15th, two weeks after the massacre in Las Vegas. That’s more than enough time.

Now we can take a hard look at the problem. Today would be a good day to go directly at it. For loyal Republicans, especially, the difficult work now begins. Who or what was really to blame for all those dead bodies?

You can rely on the pro-life crowd to be most vocal in support of gun rights.

That’s true.

Apparently, a dot of cells has value, but country music fans are on their own. Dead? Well, that’s a small price to pay for freedom. And no one is second to Rick Santorum in this hypocrisy…

Somebody asked Rick about this? O Frabjous Day. We should be knee deep in Deuteronomy shortly. Okay Senator, who or what’s to blame for this latest mass murder?

“Violence in television…”

– wut? –

“Violence in television and the video games — there is a mountain of evidence out there, psychological evidence, about what we’re doing to our young people with these video games, violent video games…”


Won’t somebody think of the children?

“…and you never hear the left trying to go after Hollywood or the gaming market,” Santorum exclaimed. “It is never involved in this discussion. Where is the solution? Here we are. Where is the solution?”

I give Rick credit for a performance worthy of being called Smartest Burp Ever. It’s rare to see a glorious pundit offer the panacea to our mass shootings (ban all movies and video games), then turn around and say “And what’s the answer to all this? Who knows?! Not me!”

Rick is something of an antique firearm himself. Spending his time pinging old Fresca bottles he found on Jerry Springer’s back porch.

“Always gun control,” Santorum complained. “It is never about the violence we have in our society, it is never about what Hollywood, you know, contribution to that.”

One gets the sinking feeling that, in Rick’s world, a Gun Totin’ Man is somehow something of a Biblical figure and, therefore, sacred. Whereas any depiction of Him is blasphemy. Not that the likes of Schwarzenegger, or Stallone, are to be trifled with because, you know, Rick’s your classic pussy. But it appears to be a wimp’s prerogative to say “I can’t tell these people what to do! Who the hell do you think you are?

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