Pretty much speechless

I’m not sure I have anything fitting to say about President Donald Trump’s attempt at ‘leadership’ during the post-hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico. I mean…what would an appropriate comment be? He’s lashing out at both their threadbare political leaders – who are not out playing golf, but spending every ounce of their energy trying to keep people alive – and their citizens. Who, of course only happen to be, well, starving. Or dying. I cannot recall the president of a nation hating on his own unfortunate people this way.

…I’m just. Stunned.

They’ve got no food, no water, no medicine, and no electricity. And now their president just called them loafers. I do not have the words. I wish I could say that he’s finally gone too far, but he’s a Republican. There are guaranteed to be fanbois of such truthtelling.

…*tap* tap* of course…

Appearing on CNN Saturday morning, former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (R) lectured Puerto Rico hurricane victims on self-sufficiency saying they “need to take care of themselves.”

Asked about San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz requesting help for the American territory after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria, Bauer said “I’m a state’s rights guy.”

There’s always a quasi-intellectual phrase, isn’t there? Right there on the tongue. And where the hell does a strafed island territory fit into your dialectic, DoucheWandius?

“Here the president is doing everything he can, two other major catastrophes. My house was flooded four feet, I helped myself. I realized theirs is much worse than mine, but I think the mentality too often is to turn to Washington every time you turn around, and local leadership needs to take this by the horns.”

Here you go. Here is the divisive Mayor laying about on a banana divan, throwing horns to the floor, and waiting for a central government spoonfeeding.

I think I once said that Trump could go to the Lincoln Memorial and stand on the Rail-Splitter’s head rending helpless puppies limb from limb, and 50 million Americans would cheer him. I may have given him too little credit.


What he said.

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