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I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun wading through a pile of shit.

Your Refusal To Date Conservatives Is One Reason We Have Donald Trump

Get a load of this Jerrod Laber – if that’s not Bill Pullman doing his best Lonely Undertaker. Who does he think he’s kidding? You’re never going to get a shot at Eva Mendes, pal.

OkCupid will let users indicate their support for abortion. This type of assortive [sic] mating is one factor that allowed for the rise of a candidate like Donald Trump.

Assortative mating? HOLY HELL . Right-wingers trying to use genetics to talk about sex. Get out your full body suit because this will be all sorts of ewww.

The popular dating website OkCupid announced Wednesday that it would make the online dating scene a little easier for progressives who can’t risk interacting with someone with whom they disagree (imagine the horror!).

Again. ———> Not falling for it, tiger.

Anyway, assortative mating is a concept that describes when partners are chosen by phenotypic similarity [dislosure: B.A. Genetics, 1986]. Meaning individuals have the same appearance, size, etc. Human mating is extremely complex and transcends such descriptions. But you could safely say there’s some assortative mating going on. Partners are frequently preferentially chosen by race and height, for example, but it’s certainly not absolute.

It’s even safer to say it’s creepy to apply such a concept to us when it’s more judiciously used for jumping spiders and leaf beetles. But then, this is The Federalist – the ‘Blood And Soil’ blog, as Roy aptly put it. So yuck:

…as social scientist Charles Murray explains in his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010,” there was a shift to a particular type of mating in the ‘60s which continues through the present day.

As cognitive ability became the most valued aspect of human capital––and the biggest predictive indicator for professional success––people began marrying others with similar intellect. Ivy League graduates marry other Ivy League graduates, and their kids do the same, and so on and so forth, causing severe economic stratification between what Murray calls the “New Upper Class” and “New Lower Class.”

I’d call these huge arguments so casually tossed around “lazy”, but they’re more properly “horseshit”. Murray is only perhaps the most thoroughly disgraced intellectual [cough] in America. The notion that educated people began boinking only educated people starting in the sixties is a howler. That all of these things are reliably genetically based or transmitted is so dumb, it’s shocking. It’s amazing how little genetics the race-obsessed actually know. Obviously, this is a load of bigotry dressed up in a tweed jacket and bowtie.

But where the hell does Trump fit in here?

Assortative mating serves to intensify this polarization. It amplifies an already significant ingroup-outgroup mentality around contentious social issues. Social and cultural issues create severe disagreement because they trigger the emotional part of the brain: the disagreement challenges a core part of group identity. This is exactly the type of schism that an arrogant demagogue like Trump exploits.

So if you’re a pro-life evangelical, you need to start having sex with Bay Area hippies. Otherwise your children will be so anti-abortion, they won’t know not to vote for a bloated pussy-grabber. Bada-boom, bada-bing, Donald Trump is president. I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to actually type this out, but then again. It’s…The Federalist.

…in a world of ignorant voters and social stratification––in which progressives who live in wealthy ZIP codes and small-town conservatives share a mutual disdain for one another––you get stratification that populist blowhards can exploit…

If a progressive doesn’t want to date a conservative and vice versa, that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has deal-breakers. But as a political protest, this form of virtue-signaling is counterproductive in the long run.

Shorter Jerrod teh Perfesser: Stop virtue-signaling with your boners. Okay, man. Nice talking with you…

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