She wore an onion on her belt, which was the style….

One gets the feeling that Bloomberg econblogger and legendary math-compoop Megan McArdle has become a tad self-conscious in her creeping dotage. One wonders if she’s not peering down from whatever tower she’s living in and clutching her pearls at the sight of black-clad teenagers mixing it up with those poor unfortunate Sturmabteilung.

We Didn’t Normalize Trump. We Normalized the Left’s Violence.

Once upon a time, conservatives spoke at universities without $600,000 in police protection.

Picture Megan sputtering and raising her eyebrows. I mean like, I know! GAH.

Last week, conservative Ben Shapiro gave a speech. At Berkeley. And all across America, people watched their screens to see what sort of violence would erupt.

Like I said, self-conscious. Outside of McMegan, and some butthurt wingers, virtually no one bothered to watch or care. I suppose this isn’t a surprising obsession for her to have developed, though, considering she’s been tip toeing the business-internet for the better part of twenty years hoping no one notices she’s incapable of addition or subtraction. But I do give her credit for facing her fears.

And so, Shapiro arrived, gave his speech, and departed without the mayhem we’ve become accustomed to seeing at such appearances. And collective relief was sighed.

But how relieved should we be that this is what it takes to maintain order in the face of … a speech?

Oh Grammie Meg. Nothing at all happened, so it’s probably the perfect time for you to start wringing your hands. But talk about some weakass knitting:

I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump has not been normalized by anyone. The media treats him with deep contempt…But the process of not normalizing Trump has instead normalized a lot of other things, bad ones. Like public disorder. Like persistent, pervasive anxiety that often looks like mass hysteria. Like people on both sides who try to minimize the illiberal tactics of the radicals on their own side by pointing mostly to the offenses of the other…

McArdle is the blogger most capable of stupefying me. That whole paragraph is sheer gibberish. If anyone would care to explain to me how the tricky “Process Of Not Normalization” can backfire, I’ll be in the back alley, by the dumpster. Slamming the lid on my head.

Babbling aside, by the time someone becomes president of the United States his ‘normalization’ is long since over. You don’t appoint some random citizen to be Commander in Chief and then wonder if he can handle it. This is not the Beltway version of Pygmalion – or rather it’s not supposed to be. There’s a little too much on the line, you know? “What’s that? Donald Trump what? A nuclear bomb, you say? How…gauche…”

And thanks for the even-handedness, really. The ‘illiberal radicals’ on one side happen to be Nazis waving torches and chanting about the Jews. The other side’s ‘radicals’ happen to be people who oppose Nazis marching into town waving torches and chanting about the Jews. Which, sorry Meg, is a perfectly good and proper thing for one side to do…but not the other. And once again I can’t believe how stone fucking stupid Megan McArdle is.

And don’t bother trying to muddy the water with the ole’ “Buh buh but, Ben Shapiro!” Milo Yiannopoulos is a close cousin of his who got the same treatment, and he deserved it. Milo thought molestation was a perfectly good training tool for teenage right-wingers, until his book deal got the kaibosh.

The truth about these Berkeley buskers from Regnery, Breitbart, Taki Mag et. al. is that it’s an obsession of theirs, and a badge of honor, to show up and get the left-wing equivalent of the Bronx cheer. So don’t tell me that these people are all good and normal and civilized. Because they’re obviously not.

And while we’re at it, Meg, you can stop telling the liberals that there’s entirely too much politics in their politics. That’s your real message here, not that we’re surprised. It’s pretty much what we’d expect from an old lady drawing a pension from the status quo.

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