Steve Bannon, person anon yada-yada

See Roy here, see Charlie here.

I agree with the both of them, the firing of Steve Bannon won’t matter. He may be a big deal to the alt-right. But he was the umpteenth campaign manager in Trump’s mortal lock losing endeavor, until the postman tore a kennel of pitbulls new puckers, stem to stern. What he really has is a convenient name, and internet presence, and what passes for a face, for the media to posterize. And he has a certain political outlook familiar to certain activists we’re this week too familiar with.

But very little about Bannon that isn’t horrific is true. The idea that he wields the kind of power that could cause Trump any problems – Memeorandum: BANNON AND WAR, Steve-O sez IT’S ON!, To BREITBART, To Bannon! – is not much of a prospect. He reached out to media Tuesday to brag about his administration stature and hegemonic vision, then revealed Friday he’d been ousted long ago.

Much like you’re all too-serious uncle, who eternally knows better and can’t bother to educate you, the returning Breitbarter only holds power among people he can sway: Losers. The living at home. Psych invalids and blue collar hangers-on so overwrought they take bathroom breaks to avoid fistfights.

Meanwhile the numbers of hedging white people, male and female, who at the last minute voted against Hillary Clinton in November tower high over Bannon’s yearly visitor tallies. The numbers of people who never read blogs is probably 500:1 over the people who do. CBS and NBC don’t know if this is true and they don’t care – why would they? There’s no point in a serious vetting of Palpatine’s Darth Vader.

Nut-picking is a time honored practice here in the world of politics. Bannon was a classic nut-job, elevated by, and for the purposes of, the mainstream media to do what they’ve done for hundreds of years.

He was never a real player, politically. His greatest triumph amounted to getting otherwise moribund shut-ins finally to type the N-word in his comment sections. He promptly filtered out such prompted slurs because, with his eye on mainstream politics, you never really know. Sure enough the GOP rewarded him with being 2017’s bete noir for all of CNN, and all of us, and then ultimately Trump.

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