“Health” and “care” to be “mammon” and “windfall” (see also: “death”)

I wish I could tell you I know what the hell’s going on here, but I don’t. I don’t have the slightest idea. I’ve been watching the GOP’s attempt to pass “healthcare” with my jaw on several spots on the floor. It’s so nakedly a tax cut for the rich I can’t fathom what this supposed “healthcare” has to do with it, any more than the commonweal interest of lions is concerned with “wounded impalas.”

The American Medical Association Monday blasted U.S. Senate Republican leadership’s Better Care Reconciliation Act, saying its rollback of Medicaid and skimpier benefits for those with subsidized private individual policies are sure to raise costs for more than just those losing coverage.

Way to go there, AMA. Well, I probably shouldn’t make fun of them considering the many Republicans they count as members. But that’s a soft pedal job that’s practically a blanket thrown over the piano strings. We can’t do any better than that?

“Medicine has long operated under the precept of Primum non nocere, or ‘first, do no harm.’ The draft legislation violates that standard on many levels,” the nation’s largest doctor group said in strongly worded letter Monday to McConnell.

That’s better, and a damn sight more accurate. Thankfully the AMA still remembers its core principles – not quite exactly ‘First terminate, then liquidate and allocate.’ Trumpcare will throw 18 million Americans off their insurance in the first year. Then thousands of premature deaths will result every year afterward. And this is what Republicans call “healthcare”?

Btw, where are Democratic leaders in all this? They can’t do any better than they are now?

WE STEAL YOUR HEALTHCARE. Where is Mitch McConnell in a burglar’s mask? Where is Paul Ryan throwing workers into a woodchipper? HA HA YOU DIE. Where are the outrageous YouTube videos and frivolous memes? Where is the pushback? They’ve barely gotten a rise out of the Republicans. Where is the television ad campaign?

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