I have all the best tool cabinets

I was browsing online earlier this morning before going to Home Depot. I was looking for a small cabinet I could hang in the garage to store my tools, etc. I came across this:

24 in. Extra-Heavy Duty Bin Cabinet

· Over 40′ of shelving built into doors for holding smaller items
· Ez-level skid bolsters offer leveling-screw access hole
· Heavy Duty Hinge Is Staked and Welded to Prevent Theft

Not bad, I thought. The price?

Boy, steel work has sure gotten pricey ehh? A two foot cabinet with swinging doors, for almost two thousand dollars. I thought of Donald slapping his name on things and jacking up the price tenfold.

Anyway there’s a typo. The cabinet is five feet tall, and it’s two feet deep. With the doors open its twelve feet wide, not that you can tell by the photo.

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