Katy Perry = Ethel Merman Rosenberg

Donald Trump fired James Comey, the FBI director who was investigating him. Because…why not? Jared Kushner tried to set-up a CIA-proof communications back channel with Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. Because what the hell, he wanted to. General – let’s not forget that, shall we? – Mike Flynn was a paid agent for two foreign states when Donald Trump handpicked him for the job at the National Security Agency. One of the first (and only) things he did in that capacity was quash an overseas operation that would have angered his employer, President Erdogan of Turkey.

What does any of this mean? To you, or me? Well…it means espionage, treason, impeachment proceedings, criminal trials, and a good old fashioned tar and feathering. For starters.

But what does it mean to the people who really matter? The rock-ribbed butt-chins of Breitbart.com?

7 Virtue-Signaling Celebrities Silent on Massacre of Coptic Christians

This means…SQUIRREL.

Left-wingers insist that they are the champions of minorities, yet one oppressed group always seems conspicuously absent from their social media virtue-signalling — Christian minorities in the Muslim world, like the estimated 26 Coptic Christians who were massacred by a Muslim gunman in Egypt earlier today…

Look everybody. It’s Bill Nye the HATE CRIMES guy.

“Science Guy” with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering declares in the title of his new Netflix show that he is going to “Save The World.” And, true to his word, the show is packed with socially-conscious, progressive-approved crusades, from man-made climate change to sticking up for the right of such overlooked minorities as “flirty pansexual wood-sprites.”

What’s that sound? A groundhog digging a hole? Someone shoveling gravel in the backyard? No it’s our author, grinding his teeth.

One would think that someone who knows of such obscure minorities would have a little time to Save the World from the persecution of religious minorities, but so far, the engineer-turned-kids-TV-comedian-turned-Netflix-superhero has said nothing about today’s massacre of Egyptian Christians.

It’s too early for the patriots to have formed any opinion about Trumpcrime – acts of treason, double dealing or obstruction of justice in front of everyone, in bright lights and on center stage. But if you happen to be a decent human and a celebrity to boot, and your Twitter timeline isn’t now dripping with tribal curses and vows of revenge over a tragedy some 12,000 miles away, they know all about you: You Suck. They couldn’t be any angrier with you. We’re talking about Christians from the Nile delta here, REMEMBER THEM? Your silence speaks volumes, and you can never be forgiven: you will be targeted. Breitbart.com will promptly serve your head on a Gadsden platter for their readers to eat your pantywaist brains, with bile and aspic.

4. Meryl Streep

…Streep has yet to say anything about today’s extraordinary violation of human rights in Egypt.

5. George Takei

…Six of his eight tweets today have been devoted to criticism of the Trump administration. None mention the attack in Egypt.

There’s a painfully routine occurrence of religious violence in the Arab world, where a hundred people are murdered at a time. Neither Meryl Streep nor Breitbart.com usually stop whatever they’re doing to engage in any virtue-signaling (which the rageblog seems to be sanctioning here, oddly). For some reason though this particular tragedy is singular and demands some proper tsk-tsk head shaking and hand waving…OR ELSE. It’s as if the world under Trump had become somehow different. More dramatic maybe, or difficult. It’s as if being hectored to come to terms with mass murder would make us see how remarkable the president is. Hmm.

I would remind the Shitebarters that we liberal heathens are terrific champions of Christians here at home. 26 million of them would have Trump devastate their health insurance if it weren’t for us, the très phony baloney scientists and pop singers. Access to healthcare is precious and very much needed – and sometimes, in some cases, it’s as precious as life itself. But will the true bloods listen to little ole’ me? Do they ever? NOOOOO.

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