I beg your garden. I never promised you a rose pardon.

Chris Cilizza is no longer at the Washington Post any more, he’s over at CNN now. And if you’re trying to remember which part of Mouthpiece Theater he was, whether he sat on the right or the left, forget it. He looked and acted just like the other guy.

New digs aside, Chris still does the same old schtick. ‘I told you all to SHUSH.’

About that Rose Garden health care photo with all the white guys….

House Republicans marched to the White House on Thursday afternoon to celebrate their victory: Passage of the American Health Care Act…

You’ll likely notice — as the Internet did very quickly — that there are only white men visible in that picture. Which is not a great image to be sending to the country following the passage of a controversial healthcare law and while fighting back against the stereotype that your party is largely populated by, wait for it, white men.

I was blissfully unaware:

1.) That any American political party full of white men had a “stereotype” problem. I was not aware this perception was somehow unfair. The GOP tends to be as much “whitey” as a wolverine tends to be “bitey.” And…

2.) That any Republican was “fighting back” against this.

In addition I don’t recall Donald Trump being sheepish about his race. Nor do I remember him being interested in a non-pejorative way in anybody else’s. I do however recall him winning in November and becoming our president.

It is entirely possible that Chris is blissfully unaware of who and what the GOP are. Hint: They dominate all three branches of our government and the vast majority of the legislatures in our paler states.

There are two women in the photo, by the way. But one is obscured by Vice President Mike Pence and the other’s face cannot be seen behind Texas Rep. Kevin Brady.

But, if you stretch the frame out a bit, you see that there were more women there — just outside of the frame of the first picture…

So, as is often the case, the picture seized on by the social media horde — especially the liberals within it — doesn’t tell the whole story.

So, as is often the case, Chris is smart and you’re dumb. By a quick count there are forty people in the photo and every one of them is a white man. But this is of absolutely no consequence, of course. Thirty-one percent of the country is somehow ninety-nine percent of the GOP…so? Is there some point to this? What matters is that liberals missed seeing part of a woman’s face behind Mike Pence. JACKALS.

In addition, though it can’t be seen – “in the photo” – there’s another woman there. She’s standing behind a white man (…and who isn’t?). There’s also a mosquito having a petit mal seizure, a gopher digging a fabulous burrow, and a flaming World War II bomber circling behind the White House. Trust me, they’re all there “in the photo.” But how hard did you look for them? Did you even try? Pfft, you people.

Amazing that Chris would call out anyone who commented on this. If somebody can’t see the point, it’s him.

The post-vote celebration is a photo opportunity. It’s public relations. It’s been entirely arranged by the White house and the GOP. Gathered at the center of it, along with Trump and Pence, are the bigwigs in Republican politics. It’s a political statement: These are the people who matter.

Cilizza isn’t bothered by this in the least. Not by The Warriors-style confab or the seventies-era Apartheid. He’s too busy scanning photos with a magnifying glass to care. HOORAY he found part of a woman’s face, so the day is won. Now he gets to lecture us about seeing the bigger picture…

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