Devin Nunes, the stupidest man alive

This Devin Nunes thing is almost too bizarre for words. It’s as transparent and contrived as any “Real Housewives” episode.

Let’s review.

On March 20, a “senior White House official” told the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza to “watch Nunes” at a House hearing because Nunes was going to raise the issue of “backdoor surveillance” having potentially been used against Trump and/or his advisers…

Slate goes through it day by day. I’ll just cut to the nougat center, here we go:

Some time in March senior members of Trump’s administration, and likely Donald Trump himself, became aware that White House staffers had documents detailing how Trump campaign members may have been [maybe] collaterally surveilled.

Someone within the administration then contacted Devin Nunes and asked if he would like to see the documents. He said ‘yes’ and a meeting was arranged for him in a secure room…at the White House. This would be Trump’s own White House – either with Trump’s knowledge (which is on its face normal, but actually bizarre) or without his knowledge (which is both seemingly and totally bizarre).

Nunes then came to the White House, saw the documents, and felt they were substantive and germane somehow (not speaking to his rationality here, only to his motivation).

After this hush-hush document perusal, in Trump’s residence, in front of Trump’s people, arranged by more of Trump’s people, he felt the urgent need to tell somebody about what he saw. Devin Nunes then briefed Donald Trump about Donald Trump’s own documents, disclosed by Donald Trump’s staffers, in a meeting arranged by senior members of Donald Trump’s administration, in Donald Trump’s White House.

Am I missing anything? I don’t have the slightest idea if any laws were broken here. But the President sure as fuck needs to be impeached.

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