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Irwin Stelzer writes at Bill Kristol’s Wrong! discount carpet and flooring clearinghouse, the Weekly Standard. While the rest of us worry about the future of healthcare, or women’s rights, or mankind’s ability to withstand radiation, Irwin is hunched over and fiddling with free speech in our hamlets and towns. Somehow he connects two dots sitting right beside themselves in separate worlds.

The American Left Discovers Its Inner George Wallace

Who would have imagined that it would come to this? Leftish activists are campaigning to have the Confederate flag removed from statehouses, statutes of southern statesmen removed from campuses and public spaces, and the names of campus buildings changed to remove any they deem racist.

Who would’ve imagined? Folks like me not-wanting to see Southern Civil War ‘heroes’ in everyday life. People like me not-wanting to see any ‘statutes’ of Nathan Bedford Forrest ever again. ‘Leftish activists’ begging their Southern uncles to not-pretend that historical racism is regional charm.

These very same campaigners, or at least their leaders, are finding time to demand that their cities and states interpose their authority between the federal government and the people of their city or state.

The word hypocrisy fails to do their work the dishonor it deserves.

What the fuck is he talking about?

The doctrine of interposition, born in 1798, was the work of none other than James Madison, author of the Virginia Resolution. For obvious reasons, the theory appealed to Southern states eager to preserve…


…the institution of slavery. The Supreme Court ruled against attempts at interposition in a series of cases…

Point? Please?!

…to breathe life into the slave-owning and segregationist groups’ interposition doctrine. Shades of Little Rock, where President Eisenhower nationalized the entire 10,000-man National Guard…

Just anything?

…of Gov. George Wallace, another Democrat, who planted himself in a schoolhouse door of the University of Alabama in a show of…


…only to have President Kennedy do to him what Eisenhower had done to Faubus, and prove that federal law trumps “states’ rights”…


…liberal governors and mayors are in the tradition of their Democratic predecessors in Arkansas and Alabama. They have interposed themselves between the federal government and their sanctuary states and cities, ordering their police to refuse to allow federal agents do fulfill a federal mandate to remove illegal aliens, especially felons, from the country.

FINALLY, whew. But no, if the city council deems as much they haven’t done anything wrong, they’re just doing their jobs. And are you a moron? First it’s wrong for politicians to “interpose…between the federal government and the people…” Next you’re angry that mayors “have interposed themselves between the federal government and their sanctuary states and cities.” Have an argument there, do ya? Have a clue, hmm?

And these people piss you off? Because they’re doing what their cities told them to do. Because you’re a proper rebel, and you only do what Rush Limbaugh tells you. Next you’re going to tell me the slaves imposed on their masters, I suppose. Try this word on for size, smart guy: “Politics.” Or “Democracy.” And you write for the Weekly Standard?!

George Wallace did “interpose…between the federal government and the people.” He denied those kids their legal right to attend the school of their choice. But the “imposition” here in California, et. al., is between Trump’s government and millions of undocumented immigrants. Not between the shitgibbon and some poor “sanctuary states”, you drama queen. And the schools in Arkansas were, in legal fact, the state’s bailiwick whereas matters of immigration are strictly rendered to the federal government. If the Culver City PD don’t want to waste a lot of time and money detaining Donald’s dark ones, who are you to call them Orval Faubus?

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