Wingnuts are being driven to distraction and the rending of garments and the making of death threats by a satirical website,

It’s a fake news outlet invented by an East Coast writer who (understandably) would like to remain anonymous. The site’s banner says “President Hillary Rodham Clinton”, and it features breaking updates and blog notes from a world where the electoral college never existed (tagline: News from the Real America, Where the Majority Rules).

A sampling of headlines:

• Clinton boldly invites press to attend White House press conference
• Clinton deletes email containing Russia’s shortlist of candidates for NSC director
• Climate scientists report “surging morale”

It’s getting something like 200,000 hits a day, which is a traffic torrent Instapundit could only dream of. The odd thing about the success story is who’s clicking over to read it. The web surfers making it such a huge success are right wingers.

Now, as if on cue, the furious email stream gushes any time she publishes a post that identifies Clinton as president.

“You can always find your paradise in heaven,” one reader said in an email the site’s founder shared with The Post. “Its just one bullet away.”

The writer now spends an hour a day deleting e-mails like these from her account.

“I know in your fake world she won but in the real world she did not,” another reader said. “To the people who made this Web page go get a real job like the rest of real Americans.”

“Your dad must have abused you while mom watched, right?” another reader added. “YES Liberalism IS A METAL DISORDER and YOU ARE POOF!”

“President Hillary” has recently gotten coverage from Fox News and Breitbart et. al., who greeted the fellow fake newser with snarling and derision. In WaPo, where I read about it, the author shrugged over the steady stream of promises to murder her or spit in her face.

The place is a hoot and very much tongue-in-cheek ergo a threat to the national ego – won’t you visit it? Then pack it with C-4 and lob it the other way.

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