What’s the other side of ‘American Woman’?

Shepard Fairey just completed a new project. It’s called We The People.


WE THE PEOPLE art is now FREE to the public. Download it, print it, paste it, pin it to your wall, share it, and use it to come together as one. Download here and help us defend dignity, protect each other, and be greater than fear. Thanks for caring!

The posters are graphic images of colored women. Fairey is trying to push back against the misogyny and racism of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Surprise they’re already causing problems.

Teachers at Westminster High School had put up the posters, which depicted Latina, Muslim and black women and were designed by Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the “Hope” posters featuring President Barack Obama in 2008. The women are rendered in patriotic colors, with messages like “We the people are greater than fear.” The teachers put up the posters as a “show of diversity,” said Carey Gaddis, a spokeswoman for Carroll County Public Schools.

At least one staff member complained about the posters, and the teachers were “asked to take them down because they were being perceived as anti-Trump by the administration,” Gaddis said.

This is surely what Fairey was hoping for. There’s no way to look at these images and not burst out laughing out at the snowflakes who swear they’re propaganda. It’s hard to believe anyone would ask they be removed.

I see women who look like this every day.


I’m not sure why this woman is “anti-Trump”. Is it because she’s confident? Is it because she’s Latina? Is it because anyone with brown skin is an affront to the president? If that’s the case, we’re not talking about politics any more. We’re talking about something more sinister. There’s also a flower in her hair, someone get me an expert in the semiotics of florists…

After taking the posters down, the teachers were initially allowed to put them up again. But the administration did some further investigation online and determined that the posters could be seen as political. The school does not allow teachers to put up political posters in their classrooms “unless it’s part of a curriculum and they represent both sides,” Gaddis said.

That’s just perfect. Okay Trumpers, give it your best shot. Tell me…


…what’s the other “side” of this?

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