Big trouble for little men

This is a remarkable development.

Dozens of Republican members of Congress are holding tumultuous town hall meetings across the nation this week as lawmakers return home for a legislative recess many surely dreaded.

Unlike the sprawling Donald Trump administration, which I understand is a “well-oiled” machine, or Trump himself, who weekly retires to Mar-a-Lago for golf-playing and wedding-crashing, his congressional supporters have been left to face their constituents alone. And they’re looking more and more like helpless babies.

…in Georgia, only one GOP legislator hosted an event: Rep. Buddy Carter… It was rocky from the start, with many in the crowd shouting down Carter and other audience members…

At times appearing flustered by the rough reception, the two-term Savannah pharmacist was met with a sustained burst of boos and applause when he outlined his opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

The eleven other Georgia Republicans in the Senate and House ditched their voters. They knew what was coming and ran the other way. Only Carter was either courageous or fool enough to bother.

“We are trying to fix this. You have got to give us a chance. They’re proposing more competition in the marketplace,” said Carter, as scattered shouts overwhelmed some of his words. One audience member then stood up and declared: “I want what you have!”

When another Trump critic pressed him on his support for the president, Carter turned to the audience with a hint of desperation.

“I am not here to tell you Donald Trump is perfect…”

You don’t say. We see two things clearly concern the aggrieved: Trump’s presidency and the fate of Obamacare. That’s what protestors repeatedly club the GOPers with – and pity the pols, won’t you? Because neither ‘problem’ can be fixed. Donald is a chanticleer sex criminal who’s got a four year amnesty by way of the Constitution. Obamacare is an enormously complex insurance program that’s providing up to twenty million people with healthcare, in some cases saving lives.

Nonetheless Republicans openly support one and want to stab the other one in the neck. Being wildly out of touch, of course, they’ve got it all backwards.

For a little more than an hour, [Dave] Brat was heckled nonstop as he fielded questions on health care, President Trump’s policies and the border wall…

Some of the loudest jeers came over Republicans’ promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as people held up red cards signaling their discontent.

“The problem is Obamacare has just collapsed,” said Brat, who stood at a podium in the Blackstone Herb Cottage. The crowd began shouting: “No, it has not!”

Under fire, Brat resorted to his best defense: Poking fun.

Asked “Do you deny climate change?” Brat said “No, the climate changes all the time.” His apparent attempt at a joke angered the crowd, some of whom yelled, “Answer the question!”

On four separate occasions, Brat awkwardly plugged his book “American Underdog,” which details his election to Congress and his fiscal and conservative principles, saying it’s an effective sleep aid. The joke fell flat each time.

Good job, Dave. Over and over again Trump’s high-profile fans go home and get shellacked in these meetings.

Tuesday afternoon Sen. Joni Ernst sat through a 45 minute town hall meeting in Maquoketa. After taking her final question the crowd showered her with boos and chants of “Do your job.”

That’s quite understated. Watch the video and you’ll see. When Ernst has had enough and finally bails, the crowd does more than “shower” the Senator. They explode.

This is in mild-mannered Iowa for gosh sakes. Gladdens the heart, doesn’t it? Again I’m taking whatever I can get.

The big question: Does President Trump care? Has he even noticed? Donald has acknowledged as much, in his own inimitable style.

This is a little better. Previously he had called them “paid protestors.” But anyone watching the videos can see these are locals. So now he’s going with the “liberal” smear.

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