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I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. Really it had to be done. Donald Trump is a threat to everything I know. He’s a menace to any peace of mind.

When I started it though I knew no one would read for it awhile. It’s a bit desolate right now. Hopefully it’ll get better. For now the fun of it is in putting something on the page.

But there’s a problem. Where to begin?

…about 140 refugees whose resettlement in the United States was blocked by President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration have been sent back to their refugee camp.

Nadir Hassan says the group of Somali refugees was relocated to Dadaab camp in eastern Kenya on Saturday… Hassan said he was hoping to start a new life in the U.S.

Trump fucks over so many people so fast, it’s difficult to keep up.

President Trump on Saturday morning ripped into a federal judge’s decision to temporarily block enforcement of his controversial travel ban.

“When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security — big trouble!” Trump posted on Twitter.

He also appeared to question the legitimacy of the federal judge who issued the ruling.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Trump tweeted.

And he’s a wet-face brat, so there’s that.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) agency charged with ensuring the humane treatment of large research animals, such as primates and goats, has quietly scrubbed all inspection reports and enforcement records from its website. The move has drawn criticism from animal welfare and transparency activists who say the public has the right to know how their tax dollars are being used.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which also oversees animals in circuses, zoos and those sold commercially as pets, says that making the data publicly available posed a threat to individuals’ privacy.

And he’s turning the institutions of government into cartoons.

President Donald Trump has so far failed to nominate deputies and other top officials to run the day-to-day operations at most federal agencies, creating a vacuum across the government that has businesses, lobbyists and lawmakers in limbo as they wait to see how Trump’s agenda will be carried out.

…the president has named just three deputy secretaries — at the Commerce Department, Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security…

As he rankles world leaders with his unorthodox public statements, Trump has yet to fill out the top ranks of the State Department, the agency tasked with international diplomacy. Neither the Treasury Department nor the Defense Department, both core to Trump’s economic and national security message, have deputy secretaries.

And he doesn’t give a damn. At all, in the least.

There’s no easy narrative here. There’s no one thing to latch onto and begin your daily diatribe with. He’s a jewel of dog shit, unyielding and multi-faceted. Beyond our ken in his sickening existence.

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