Soy un perdedor. Why don’t you kill me?

I know what you’re thinking. Is this guy insane, or what?

December 13th in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump was just as surprised as the rest of the country.

The president elect said publicly on Tuesday that he expected to lose the election to Democrat Hillary Clinton, based on polls showing him behind in several critical states.

“I went to see my wife. I say, ‘Baby, I tell you what. We’re not going to win tonight,”’ Trump said in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Small Room

He said that he had intentionally rented a smaller hotel ballroom, expecting to make a brief concession speech after losing to Clinton. Instead, the concession turned into a celebration, and Trump delivered a speech in which he was unusually gracious to his opponent and promised to unite a divided nation.

“I said if we’re going to lose I don’t want a big ballroom,” he said. He said he figured he’d thank the guests and then “I’m out of there, right?”

A mental illness is serious business. A personality disorder is a terrible, frightening thing.

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