White kandidate, white kabinet

Donald hasn’t been up to much. He’s been a surprisingly lazy Most Powerful Man-to-be. Normally the ascendant C-in-C is busy working 20 hour days, cramming facts on foreign policy, meeting with multiple advisors and taking daily intelligence briefings (…meh, once a week.). Trump instead seems to be more interested in going on Twantrums [Obama, beat me? NO WAY.]. He’d be doing that regardless, of course.

This is not to take anything away from what little hard work he has done. Mostly this appears to be in service of assembling himself one hell of a cabinet. No kidding. This is certainly a group to be proud of, if you like white people.

If you love white people.

When you throw in special advisers and press secretaries, the cabinet appointees amount to 26 people so far. All but three of them are white. There are two Asian women, Nikki Haley and Elaine Chao, and one black man, Ben Carson. Those are the only exotics Trump has employed.

As white people only make up 62% of the population – a shrinking portion, as everybody knows – this is shocking. I don’t see how this isn’t a statement by Trump in support of white supremacy.

What other reason could there possibly be to choose white people for senior administration positions almost 90% of the time? When, if Trump had chosen candidates randomly from the population, he’d have at least four Hispanics in the cabinet by now? Instead of zero? The only possible argument, which I’m sure is his as well, would be “Because my people are better.” Yeah okay, got it, and Q.E.D.

Incidentally before some of you jump in and chide me that there’s an actual cabinet Latino in the position of trade czar, Peter Navarro of UC Irvine, I’ll warn you to be careful about that. Some sources like The Hill have tried to sell that angle:

The announcement about Navarro highlights how the council “will work collaboratively and synergistically” with the National Security Council, the National Economic Council and the Domestic Policy Council, but it says nothing about the USTR office…

Navarro is also one of two current Latino candidates for high-level jobs.

But a little digging into this Navarro turns up something different. Here’s something that Daniel L. Muñoz wrote for La Prensa – San Diego back in 1998:

Navarro manages to write about his political life experiences in “San Diego Confidential: A Candidate’s Odyssey” in a charming and funny way. And he still managed to “stick it” to the numerous Mexican Americans, Latinos, & Hispanic political activists who assisted in his campaign by ignoring them as so much wallpaper…

Peter Navarro, who in his several incarnations tried to pass as a `Latino,’ `Italian” and as an American Indian, would have raised all the funds he needed from the Viejas and Barona tribes and not have to humiliate and humbled himself before the economic élites in Washington D.C. or elsewhere. The utter destruction of his character and ego caused by his need to `suck’ up to the money boys led to some of the best `zingers’ in his little expose…

Apparently Navarro is no more Latino than he is Cree.

Trump anyway has recently taken note of his no-browns cabinet. So he’s begun to comb the stacks for a token to serve in his administration.

Trump met Wednesday with two Hispanic politicians at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach to discuss the possibility of taking on the agriculture post: Dr. Elsa Murano, a former U.S. agriculture undersecretary for food safety, who is Cuban-American, and Abel Maldonado, a Mexican-American who is a former California lieutenant governor and co-owner of Runway Vineyards.

Yes – he’s choosing a Latino for his Agriculture post. Yes, he chose Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development.

Add: Women are treated with almost the same disrespect that non-whites are in Trump’s cabinet. There are currently only five appointees in 26 positions, a meager 19% proportion.

Add #2: The statistics really become absurd if you look at the white male population in his upper echelon. 20 of the current 26 appointees are from Donald’s fellow cohort, for a total of 77%. White males only make up about 31% of the country.

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