Everybody’s talking ’bout the new Cohen take…

It appears sharp-eyed editorialist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post may have spotted something you missed. It’s his job to notice things happening in the world, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it having passed right before your eyes. The holidays are after all a hectic time, with so many things to do. Some of us have been pre-occupied with the making of lists, or the wrapping of gifts. Others of us have been taken with the licking of boots, or the sandblasting of swastikas off our doors.

To begin, Cohen:

If Dec. 7, 1941, is the day that Franklin D. Roosevelt said “will live in infamy,” then Dec. 20, 2016, has got to be a close second.

Richard here is clearly only ballparking rather than quoting the president’s words. Roosevelt much more likely said “…a day that will live on as the most infamous of all-time, making it a superlative. Which of course allows you to rank other days against it in arguments and barfights, even editorials.”

No Americans died that day as they did at Pearl Harbor, but the American Century, as Time magazine founder Henry Luce called it, came to a crashing end

How’s your post-American Century going? This week? Aside from seeing an alien mothership-sized cliché grounding itself in Spielbergian slo-mo. Other than that, everything alright? And do you have any idea what the hell Cohen is talking about?

…Turkey, Iran and Russia met in Moscow to settle matters in the Middle East. The United States wasn’t even asked to the meeting.

Oh, that’s the tragedy. Middle East neighbors are meeting without us, America. Why – just because they’re big players in the area? Just because they brokered a ceasefire and evacuation in Aleppo? Talk about your chintz reasons to put a stop to Our Century. They could have waited a decade or two – until at the very least we attacked them in a World War. These superpower things are supposed to have obvious rules and traditions. At least they should have, with tens of millions dead, and 20 kiloton blasts, etc. It’s the easiest way to sort out who’s the new Big Deal, I think.

[Obama] is a 21st-century man who never quite appreciated the lessons of the 20th. He has been all too happy to preside over the loss of American influence. Aleppo, Syria, now a pile of rubble, is where countless died — as did American influence.

Seems to me Cohen’s take on international politics is closer to Glenn Frey’s more than anyone else. Look: There’s Russia, holding the Levant close (…in Damascus’ backseat?). And what are you doing? You’re walking away. And they’re1 talking behind you.

1.) Sometimes, after using such a construction, a reader understandably will ask, “What do you mean, ‘they’? Who exactly is this person?” In this case see: Cohen, Richard.

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