His New Clothes

Hat tip must credit arooga woo-woo Hans Christian Anderson.

Once upon a time there lived a vain Emperor whose only worry in life was to dress in elegant clothes. He changed clothes almost every hour and loved to show them off to his people…

“We are two very good tailors and after many years of research we have invented an extraordinary method to weave a cloth so light and fine that it looks invisible. As a matter of fact it is invisible to anyone who is too stupid and incompetent to appreciate its quality.”

In my years, and I haven’t spent many of them interested in politics, though I retained in parallel somewhat a working memory, we’ve seen George H.W. Bush befuddled at the supermarket checkout line. We’ve seen Michael Dukakis wish he knew better what a modern tank was like. And we’ve seen George W. insinuate his familiarity with ‘The Google.’

We have seen over and over again the many crotchety patricians pretend as if they weren’t just old white guys. We have cringed at the attempts of the political magnates, the cloistered and silver-spooned, to pretend as if they knew at all what the hell an ATM was. Or a wireless phone, or a self-serve checkout, or the worldwide web.

But Twitter? With Donald Trump? This is different.


It’s academic. Or, perhaps, disgusting.

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