Trouble in Trumpville

Look at this.

Plenty of angst already bubbling up in the fever bogs of the true believers. Donald hasn’t yet whipped ISIS’ ass, put Mexico in a headlock or thrown Hillary over the barbwire. The deplorables are beginning to, well. Do whatever it is they do.


Aside from midnight tweeting the president-elect has gotten some other things done, like having a mega-nosh with fellow jillionaire Mitt Romney (…nooo!). But the fine-dining flunkee bears little resemblance to The Leader. That, friends, was a man. The SOB they hosanna’d on the campaign trail was someone who despised politeness and politicians. He hated the hollow people. He loathed the losers who played both sides, hemmed and hawed, or split any hairs. Dominatin’ Donald had all the answers, and he was gonna cram them right down America’s throat. The Leader was a man of action. But this person? Right now? Yaaawn.

In the weeks since the election, Trump has gone back on his promise to repeal Obamacare, reneged on his promise to jail Hillary Clinton and the 30-foot high border wall that was the center point of his campaign is looking more like a fence.

Trump also promised to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. but his appointments are composed of bankers, lobbyists and political goons from failed administrations past. Not to mention the fact that the toddler man can’t seem to stay off of Twitter for more than 45 minutes.

The over-promised and highly energized are seeing their hopes flag. The anti-Messicans are beginning to practice throwing their hands up.


The sad fact we haven’t seen Bluster Brownrape personally breaking ground for the thousand mile anti-Palestinian edifice is almost enough to make them…give up on…whatever it is they do.

Winger media have surely noticed. I’m betting Rep. McCaul was asked to pitch in and pen this No, really! rouser for Fox News:

A lot of people doubted him. And why not? Politicians have been promising to do this for years, and they have let Americans down every single time.

That’s all about to change. Starting next month, the people are going to get what they asked for.

We are going to build the wall…

Just you wait! Starting next month a bunch of the usual politicians could (maybe) put pen to paper and begin writing the legislation necessary to create a multi-billion dollar boondoggle. Then sometime after that – again, maybe – if they can scrounge the money, and get every one of the thousands of private landowners to agree, or sell what they own (…why? I don’t know…) they’ll begin to debate the wisdom of a massive border wall. They’ll finally have an adult conversation about a thirty-foot cash drain that won’t really keep anybody out. But just you wait, it’ll all begin maybe for sure late maybe sometime…in 2017? 2018?

…Period. In the process, I pledge to stand side-by-side with the Trump administration to throw out Obama’s reckless immigration policies and start enforcing our nation’s laws.

Sounds good, pal. Keep saying that and I’m sure the Trumpers will all calm the fuck down. Because whatever it is they do, that’s the one thing they do best.

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