President Shitgibbon is wearing a new hat. This is bigly news and to be taken very seriously by serious people like you. Feast your eyes upon Sex Criminal Crapmonkey and his new Dadhat because it surely cost him $19.99 to have an actual ’45’ emblazoned or laser-cut or acid-etched from the haunches of Dune unicorns on its side, or whatever it is that the red state Dadhatters do now to turn a buck in Donald’s America.

Donald Tramp swapped his “Make America Great Again” hat on Sunday for some new presidential headgear — proudly sporting another red lid, this time with the number 45 stitched into the side in a not-so-subtle swipe at ongoing recount efforts.


At some point our Shitgibbon will totter off and squeeze himself a yuuge turd, and the New York Post will be all over that too.

Golly. Look at the wingnuts go.

· Trump Starts Wearing a New Presidential Hat

· Trump debuts presidential new hat at Mar-a-Largo this weekend – and people are digging one detail!

· Reporters Shocked to See What Was on Donald Trump’s Hat This Morning

· USA! Trump debuts new ‘red hat,’ and (for the most part) people are loving it [photo]

America is insane.

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