So the dog has caught the ambulance.

A serious onlooker would like to lecture you, and the rest of us, about what has just now become right and wrong and what your solemn moral duties require of you as to, ahem: The Dog. The broom-humper, with the siren-thing in his teeth. Of course you have only been staring at the stupid cur, growling at his ambulance, gnashing his canines on hot rubber, and cannot remotely be bothered with the internet disapprobations of a musty ole’ Vicar smelling of spotted brown carpet and mulberry muscatel, Ross Douthat.

But for others, especially the many younger public servants who would normally staff a Republican administration, a hard question looms: If they fear how Trump might govern, can they in good conscience work for him?

The answer, for now, is that they can and should — and indeed, precisely because they fear how Trump might govern, there is a moral responsibility to serve.

Behold: YOU MUST SERVE TRUMP. That Ross sees himself so fancy, that the blankslate twenty-somethings surely pore over his every word and simply must know what the hell to do when Donald calls, is precious. That the dog should be beaten senseless is not the issue, naturally.

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