Good n’ Evil: Randian Tales of Two Presidents

The Glibertarian stinkpods over at Ricochet have some last minute advice on how to make excuses for yourself while voting for Donald Trump. Even if you aren’t some sort of pathetic racist traitor it’s worth a read, for the feigning ‘I suppose I could be wrong,’ and for the usual laughs. I mean really, as if anyone thought Ayn Rand wouldn’t fall down at The Donald’s knees and start tugging at his belt the moment she met him.

Who knows what the courts will do if the Democrats can get a commanding majority on the Supreme Court? We have already had all sorts of madness shoved down our throats by those who legislate from the bench. If you think that it has gone about as far as it goes, you do not know today’s Democratic Party.

Paul Rahe’s point is that a U.S. President is powerful. So powerful in fact that you can’t allow him to be a lady Democrat, who of course will be verklempt and empathetic, and will probably put an emo hack on the Supreme Court thereby making it even harder for Paul and his pals to beat the fags in a back alley on a Saturday night. If there’s one thing we mustn’t tolerate, it’s a loopy leftist who will “legislate from the bench.” Huh? Yeah.

Can we tolerate “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” speech — speech that is “deplorable and irredeemable,” that is “negative, dark, and divisive with a dangerous vision?” Surely, surely not. And this would be easy. If we can punish the “hate” in “hate crimes,” why not punish it or outlaw it in speech? All that you have to do is to “reinterpret” the First Amendment.

Which, of course, any woman would do. You therefore have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump.

Even though he’s a monster? Even so, Paul tells us, Donald Trump is your only choice. He argues, compellingly: Think about it. Use your brain. How important is a “president” anyway? It’s not as if one person could screw the whole country up.

On Tuesday, you will not be getting married; you will not be choosing a pastor; you will not be joining a church; and you will not be choosing a hero. You will not be doing anything that might leave you with morally dirty or morally clean hands. You will be doing something much more prosaic — something akin to hiring someone to mow your lawn.

No big deal. Like you were hiring the kid next door. On the other hand, if you vote for Hillary Clinton?

The current generation — well represented by our current President — have forgotten just how fragile the international order is. In Europe right now and in the Pacific — thanks in large part to Barack Obama — that order is rapidly coming apart. The last time this happened it cost us hundreds of thousands of lives and treasure beyond imagination. This time, if this happens, it will be worse.

Thousands of corpses. Worse than that, wow. Then again, you can vote for Donald Trump.

You will be hiring someone to do for you what you do not have the time or the other resources to do for yourself. And, just as you customarily do when you hire someone to mow the lawn, you should — in this situation also — prudently calculate which of the candidates for the job will do the least damage and the most good…

Okay! But remember, there is still Hillary Clinton.

…we now live in very dangerous times — times dangerous for our republic, as I argue; and times dangerous for our nation, as Jeremy and John argue.

You can, of course, turn your back on the whole thing — you can stay home or line up with Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Evan McMullin. That would, however, be a cop-out… For to throw your vote away in a time of national crisis is to dodge your duty as a citizen.

But then there’s Donald Trump!

He is an entertainer — a reality show dramatist — and he is very good at venting the frustrations that have many of our fellow citizens in their grip…and he gave a speech on foreign affairs at Gettysburg not long ago that was positively sane.

There are times he seems completely sane. Heck, what else do you need to know? Hitler was nothing like that, I can tell you.

So to sum it all up. Upon being elected, one of these candidates will immediately transmogrify into Satan herself. The other candidate, however, is bound to fetch whatever you throw in the sideyard then come back and lick your face. What’s with all the confusion?

…if we go wrong on those matters, there is no road back short of revolution. If Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday, the odds are good that she, her party, and their friends in the judiciary will shut the system down (as they already have in our universities). Whatever defects Donald Trump has (and they are legion), he will not do that; and, even if he wanted to, he would not be able to. Presidents, on their own, are not that powerful, and The Donald will be very much on his own.

Got that? Should she win on Tuesday, an empowered Hillary Clinton will surely “shut the system down (as they already have in our universities).” Thankfully, though, you have a choice. President Donald Trump “will not do that; and, even if he wanted to, he would not be able to.” And why is that? Because, silly: “Presidents, on their own, are not that powerful.” I see.

God bless a Libertarian. The stupidest people on Earth.

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