That didn’t go well for Donnie, did it?

By all accounts Donald Trump needed a grand slam home run, or a triple word score, or a shark with a friggin’ laser mounted on his head to eat Hillary at last night’s debate for him to have any shot at winning the election.

Well how did he do? Let’s ask that bastion of hippy hacky-sackery, the National Review.

…and then Trump decided to go ahead and dominate the next two news cycles with a colossal unforced error. The very instant that Chris Wallace explained to Trump that both his running mate and his daughter had said they’d accept the results of the election, I knew that Trump was going to dive into the deep end… Trump is losing, badly, and if he hoped to reach beyond his Breitbart base and nose-holding Republican loyalists, that’s not the way you do it.

Bad move, hombre. It’s been an ugly campaign, one everyone is tired of. And by essentially promising to reject the November 8th vote, he’s making it an ugly election too. Trump probably didn’t win any fans, at least not any new ones.

But then, what do I know? Let’s take a quick look at the online polls. How did Trump do “beyond his Breitbart base”?

Badly. Every major media outlet that has an online poll shows viewers thought Trump lost the debate. But it looks even worse when you see what Republicans thought.

Here’s an online poll in a Fox outlet in Missouri:


Trump is getting killed. But wait – though the TV station may be in Red Missouri, it’s also in St. Louis. There are actual black people there, so no fair. How about Oklahoma?


He’s getting beat in The Oklahoman? In a state where Obama couldn’t win a single county back in 2008? Yes, even there.

But it gets worse, or better. How about his literal “Breitbart base”? The darling savages over at, what did they think? Don’t tell me…


He lost the Breitbart poll. These folks are literally running his campaign, remember. Good job guys.

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