No. It’s pronounced Fronkensteen.

If you were to take some time out of your day, or out of your job, and listen to many of the Republicans now – without resorting to your Hillary-style cackling and interrupting them – you’d find out that these good folks are far too suave and classy to have had anything to do with the ascendance of Donald Trump, the GOP’s presidential candidate.

‘Don’t blame me‘ they say, seriously. They would never vote for him. ‘We can’t have this guy in the Oval Office’ they tsk-tsk. Just listen to that, they almost sound sane. ‘Trump’s just, horrible.’ Indeed – these people are almost…believable. Listen to poor ‘Chuck’ at Althouse’s blog:

But get ready for it, my fellow Trump-hating Republicans; the Donald Trump phenomenon will be made to be our fault. Notwithstanding the fact that we didn’t produce him, we don’t like him and he doesn’t represent us.

How sincere he sounds. You almost want to let him off the hook. Commenter ‘Amanda’ isn’t buying it:

Chuck, he is the Republican’s fault and he sure as hell does not represent Democrats. All those years of demonizing Obama and fear mongering about him being a scary black socialist and an ‘uber president’ made by your party created a climate in which the monster could thrive.

And there’s the counter. Is our Chuck merely being oblivious? Is he in fact to blame for Trump? Over the years did he and his pals create an atmosphere of spiraling panic and negro-phobia that’s now gotten so bad Republicans can’t produce a sensible candidate? He says:

Amanda I want to thank you sincerely, from the heart of my bottom, for proving my point in the first comment more effectively than I could have imagined.

Let’s just all recall together that Mitch McConnell calmly pledged to try to make Barack Obama a one-term president. And the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, the National Review and the Weekly Standard all calmly and steadfastly criticized Obama policies. Without slipping into “birtherism” and “secret Muslim” fantasies. Like, uh, somebody else we’ve gotten to know a bit better of late.

Chuck backs up his don’t-look-at-me by asking us to “all recall together” Mitch McConnell’s calm and kindly pledge to nullify the first black president’s administration. Yes, I do remember that, as well as the rank-and-file’s parallel war whoops to impeach Barack early in the first year of his first term, without cause or reservation. How gracious, reasonable and utterly unlike Donald Trump – thanks for the reminder. If that wasn’t courtly and civilized behavior, I don’t know what is.

Then he asks us to remember the way right-thinking intellectuals “calmly and steadfastly criticized Obama policies… Without slipping into ‘birtherism’ and ‘secret Muslim’ fantasies.” And he commends the National Review. But is it true? Here’s their Jim Geraghty working through all the understandable reasons why Obama hadn’t yet let anyone see his double-secret birth certificate:

Rumor one: Obama was born in Kenya. Rather unlikely… However, if it were true, it would probably raise a major question of “does he qualify as a natural-born citizen”? If Obama were born outside the United States, one could argue that he would not meet the legal definition of natural-born citizen…

Rumor Two: Obama’s middle name is not “Hussein” but “Muhammad”… It is theoretically possible, if not plausible, that Obama changed his name at some earlier point in his life, as he was sorting out his issues of culture and identity…if you’re going to change your middle name from that of the central figure in Islam because you fear controversy, picking the last name of the highest-profile anti-American dictator in the Middle East (Saddam) doesn’t seem like a huge improvement.

That’s not trafficking in ‘birtherism’, it’s just discussing a certain political thing. Jim never said there were good reasons to believe Obama was an African hustler who perpetrated the greatest constitutional fraud in our history. Jim merely said that if for some reason his birth certificate actually does exist there were good reasons to believe nobody will ever see it. Chuck told you what a class act his buddies were, right?

Well at least nobody at the belles-lettres shops ever called the President a ‘secret Muslim.’ That sort of race-baiting is way beneath them. Here’s Andrew McCarthy choreographing the Klan-kabuki of the clumsy proles:

…under a mainstream interpretation of Islamic law, President Obama would be considered to be a Muslim… Islamic law holds that a child’s faith is deemed to be Islam if his father is a Muslim, regardless of the faith of his mother… Under Indonesian law at the time, if a child was adopted before the age of six by an Indonesian male, he qualified for Indonesian citizenship. The evidence suggests that Lolo Soetoro adopted Barack Jr… Obama/Soetoro also attended a Catholic school, the records of which identify him as both an Indonesian and a Muslim… Soetoro often attended mosque on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath, and young Barry occasionally accompanied him… One former teacher claimed that Barry took part in advanced Islamic religious classes, studying “mengaji” — i.e., the effort to recite the Koran in Arabic… We also know that in 2007, then-Senator Obama told the Times’ Nicholas Kristof that the muezzin’s Arabic call to prayer was “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Nice to know Obama thought the “muezzin’s Arabic call to prayer was one of the prettiest sounds on earth.” What a terrific story. That’s not the sort of personal anecdote that would compel some Americans to take out their shooting irons and load them with Islam-shot. What are such tidbits of a man’s biography for if not honing the perceptions of the most erudite and cosmopolitan people in the world?

Trump’s candidacy has certainly placed the noble right in a difficult situation. It’s hard not to feel for the exasperated Chucks of this world.

Amanda, the conservatives with whom I ally, are guilty of none of the sins you allege. Trump supporters are on their own.

Carrying themselves in so sophisticated a manner all these tatty years hasn’t convinced other Republicans to come ’round to their way of politicking. You’d think such a heady brand of elegance and decorum would have impressed somebody by now, even if that certain someone thought himself yuuugely classy already.

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