Donald Trump’s pal Milo

I wouldn’t pay Milo a good goddman but for one thing.

Trump knows him and likes him. Donald’s very much aware of who and what Milo is. For your own edification here’s some of Tablet Mag’s profile from June 2016:

The sad story of Milo Yiannopoulos: the Trump troll with Daddy issues

Milo Yiannopoulos is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Referring to Trump as “Daddy,” the ostentatiously gay British media personality provides a camp component to the presumptive Republican nominee’s fan base…

Simultaneously vacuous and sinister, equal parts nihilist and narcissist, Yiannopoulos is the model Trump advocate. And as Trump comes under increasing scrutiny, Yiannopoulos, who writes for, has gone to great lengths defending the worst elements of his campaign… Among its various constituencies, the alt right is comprised of mens’ rights advocates, pseudo-intellectual “race realists,” technocratic authoritarians whose paeans to Chinese efficiency resemble those of Tom Friedman (if Tom Friedman thought Ian Smith was a sell-out), and outright neo-Nazis. Speaking of the movement’s “intellectuals,” the bulk of whom write for avowedly racist and anti-Semitic publications like VDARE and American Renaissance, Yiannopoulos and his co-author described them as “dangerously bright.”

Read the whole thing here. It’s an effective exposé.

If you’re looking for something more recent, try this:

The right-wing provocateur recalled his own sexual abuse as a teen and did not appear to outright condemn similar relationships between children and men on a 2016 episode of “The Drunken Peasants” podcast.

He flippantly said young boys “discover who they are” through such relationships, later implying that those relationships can be sexual in nature, and can “give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable rock where they can’t speak to their parents.”

A host with the popular podcast fired back at Yiannopoulos and said, “Sounds like Catholic priest molestation to me.”

Milo has some weird fetish about sex crime being something that happens only with little kids. Of child molestation, pederasty and pedophilia, he’s artfully chosen the last term to hide behind because it meets the definition only when you’re assaulting pre-pubescents.

“I’m grateful for Father Michael,” he said. “I wouldn’t give nearly such good [oral sex] if it wasn’t for him.” When pressed, he argued that his interviewers were blurring the meaning of “pedophilia,” misapplying it to consensual sex between post-pubescent men, even if one partner was below the age of consent.

“Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old, who is sexually mature,” he said. “Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty. Pedophilia is attraction to people who don’t have functioning sex organs yet who have not gone through puberty.”

When I was 13 years old I was in seventh grade. I was not “a post-pubescent man”. I was an older boy with a body going through big changes. Sexual adulthood takes a while, you know? I don’t really think I need to point this out. Nor do I have to go on about the brain being critically involved in determining sexual maturity, as well as orientation. There are good reasons to consider 13 year-olds off limits for the purposes of horny adults. [I could certainly go on at some length about Donald Trump’s own fetish for assaulting young women and gawking at naked teens: “Don’t worry, ladies. I’ve seen it all before.” Another time, creep.]

But of course we’re talking about the execrable Trumpiste Milo, who is now trying to shoehorn into kewl-kids-behavior his vomit inducing opinions.

“I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That’s perfectly true and every gay man knows it. But I was not talking about anything illegal and I was not referring to pre-pubescent boys.”

It is illegal in all 50 states, and in all the civilized world as far as I know, to have sex with 13 year-old boys. For very good reasons you twisted shit.

This is Narcissism? It would do this? Yes, of course.

This shit used to be funny.

The “Bowling Green massacre” is a nonexistent incident referred to by U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway in interviews with Cosmopolitan and TMZ on January 29, 2017, and in an interview on the MSNBC news program Hardball with Chris Matthews on February 2, 2017…

The phrase became the top trending topic on Twitter, with many of the tweets parodying the statement. A website was set up anonymously for the purpose of collecting donations for victims of the imaginary massacre. Facebook users used the site’s safety check feature to pretend the event was real. Additionally, vigils were held in Kentucky and New York to commemorate the nonexistent massacre.

No more.

The Swedish Embassy in Washington has reportedly contacted the State Department asking for clarification on President Trump’s comments suggesting an incident had occurred Friday night in Sweden…

[Donald Trump] specifically referred to what happened “last night” in Sweden.

“When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden!” he said during the rally. “Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

As I’ve said all along Trump is mentally ill, just like my father. It’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’ll clarify later but I’m starving. I want to eat first.

As Revelations goes, perhaps this is Mister Right

As stupid incompetent and fuckall as President Trump is, we can be thankful for a few things.

He hasn’t yet set light to Fort McHenry’s arsenal. He hasn’t stubbed his toe on Malmstrom’s itchy nukes. He hasn’t gone Bay of Pigs on Portland. He hasn’t called a trans-polar airstrike on Chris Hayes.

There are so many personality chinks to be wary of. It’s not clear exactly where and when he’ll go Commander Guy. He will of course, but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s early enough we can still take some pleasure in Armageddon being weeks away.

It’s not much to be glad about, I’m only taking what I can get. This however makes my blood run cold.

Senior White House officials and members of the National Security Council are pushing former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton as a replacement for ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to multiple sources in and out of the White House who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

It’s the Free Bacon I know. But Bolton has gadflied every administration official and presidential pretender for 20 years. He’s as ambitious and greedy as a person can get. He’s as bloody and violent as a person can get. I have no doubt he’s got every bar buddy and evangelical phone tree flunky calling the White House.

Bolton will not be denied his place in history. He must start a war with Iran.

To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran

…This gold standard is now everywhere in jeopardy because the president’s policy is empowering Iran. Whether diplomacy and sanctions would ever have worked against the hard-liners running Iran is unlikely… The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq or its 2007 destruction of a Syrian reactor, designed and built by North Korea, can accomplish what is required. Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.

He’s been flogging this bombshell for years.

Pray everybody. Because if the Bacon is right, we’re in shit.

The selection of Bolton as the next national security adviser would empower Flynn’s allies still in the White House and send a message that his national security vision is represented within the Trump administration. Bolton is also favored by White House staffers who are opposed to the selection of any candidate who criticized President Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Bolton is so maniacal and manipulative he’ll have Trump on his ass in a few months. We’ll be in Iran before 2019 for sure.

Seems to be some sort of ‘Russia’ connection in all this

This is how WaPo opens up the dramatic short-story of the rise and fall of Trump’s first NSA director:

Michael Flynn was at a beachside resort in the Dominican Republic, a stretch of sand and sun that he and his wife had visited for years, when he took a few moments out of their post-election vacation for a call with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

As a veteran intelligence officer, Flynn must have known that a call with a Russian official in Washington would be intercepted by the U.S. government, pored over by FBI analysts and possibly even shared with the White House.

Flynn had to know the intelligence services would be tracking high level Russian communications within the U.S.. So why did he persist with the contacts? Why did he have so many of these conversations? And why did he then lie about them? These are fair questions. At the very least we can conclude that Flynn was stupid.

But don’t let that distract you from a second (maybe better) narrative now emerging from an unexpected place. It is entirely possible, friends, that the poor general is actually a victim. Of a kind of plot. Something apparently sinister humminah targeting him bleargh phone calls harumph.

“That’s nine leakers that all belong in jail,” [Devin] Nunes said. “Those nine people broke the law, clearly, by leaking classified information to anybody.”…

Nunes said he also wanted to know how U.S. intelligence agencies were wiretapping Flynn’s calls, which he said may also have been illegal.

So Nunes said. And where exactly does this Flynn defender come from? The House Intelligence Committee, he’s the chairman.

The chairman said there are only two ways that intelligence agencies can listen in on an American’s phone call — after obtaining a warrant, or inadvertently, such as in the case of Flynn speaking with a foreign official being spied on, which the report suggests was the case.

Nunes said “it’s pretty clear” that there was no warrant.

“It’s pretty clear that’s not the case,” he said. “I’m pretty sure the FBI didn’t have a warrant on Michael Flynn … To listen to an American’s phone call you would have to go to a court, there’d be all that paperwork there. So I’m guessing that doesn’t exist.”

It’s pretty clear there wasn’t a warrant. Unless there was, because there certainly could have been. Maybe though – this is complicated, I know, but stay with me here – the recording could have happened inadvertently. Like when intelligence agents are listening to a foreign operative. But hey what could that possibly have to do with Michael Flynn? He was only calling the Russian ambassador five times a day, like Lisa Simpson on the Corey Hotline. ‘Tis a puzzlement.

If it seems like we’re through the looking glass here, it’s because we are. All of us who lived through the Cold War are right now banging our heads against the desk.

A Wall Street Journal editorial on Tuesday also questioned whether spies listening to Flynn broke the law.

“…they are supposed to protect the identity and speech of innocent Americans. Yet the Washington Post, which broke the story, says it spoke to multiple U.S. officials claiming to know what Mr. Flynn said on that call,” the Journal said.

“The questions someone in the White House should ask the National Security Agency is why it didn’t use minimization procedures to protect Mr. Flynn?”

WHY DIDN’T THEY PROTECT MR. FLYNN? That’s a good question. Hell, what about that poor Russian ambassador? Why won’t anybody protect him? The CIA are all over the poor guy like white on rice.

Now would probably be a good time to throw in a few links to breaking stories:

Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
Russian Media And The American Alt-Right Movement Converge On Messaging Over Gen. Mike Flynn’s Resignation
Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump
Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say
Russian jets buzz US destroyer in Black Sea

This would also probably be a good time to remind ourselves how much Donald detests intrusions of government, hi-tech espionage, stark hypocrisy…

Eh, hello Mojo, this is Michael Flynn…

We know there are quite a few people in this administration who are not well-suited to their jobs. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for one is a complete incompetent, which makes him a poor fit for anything outside running the GOP into a lake.

The NSA chief, Michael Flynn, had himself a pretty good military career. But the Army’s an arcane outfit with mysterious requirements for competency and excellence, and from which all sorts of odd birds do hail (Allen West, for instance).

We know that Flynn was ousted from the directorship of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration back in 2014.

In a private e-mail that was leaked online, Colin Powell said that he had heard in the DIA (apparently from later DIA director Vincent R. Stewart) that Flynn got fired because he was “Abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc.” According to The New York Times, Flynn exhibited a loose relationship with facts, leading his subordinates to refer to Flynn’s repeated dubious assertions as “Flynn facts”.

Whether this makes him more or less fit to serve in a Trump administration is anybody’s guess. That he’s a wild-eyed Muslimphobe and Trumper – and something of a Muscovite – makes it almost fait accompli he ended up as Donald’s NSA chief.

But apparently he lied to everybody – even the Vice President – about his contacts with senior members of the Russian government. That doesn’t exactly bolster confidence in him.

Flynn spoke with Pence at least twice Friday, according to another White House official who declined to say whether the conversations were about the ongoing controversy. The episode over sanctions against Russia has opened a rift between Flynn and Pence, who exchanged a chilly handshake Friday before Trump’s news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Flynn also apologized to Pence and a source says the two “smoothed things over.”

Everything’s okay? Oh alright. Just fine.

Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the President, told reporters that Trump has “full confidence” in Flynn.

“Gen. Flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the President,” Conway said on MSNBC.

Right, if you say so. No reason to think the Director’s in any trouble. I mean, you would know…

Embattled White House national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night, an abrupt end to a brief tenure.

What? No!

“I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology,” Flynn wrote, according to a copy of his resignation letter obtained by CNN…

“I know with the strong leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the superb team they are assembling, this team will go down in history as one of the greatest presidencies in US history.”

Call it ‘My 24 Days At The NSA’. Look for the embittered tell-all to come out on the Breitbart imprint, in about, oh, Friday.

You-know-who with the you-know-what

This New York Mag post from last July is spot on. Jonathan Chait goes to the obvious, which is probably why it makes sense.

…this is to say that German conservatives did not see Hitler as Hitler — they saw Hitler as Trump. And the reasons they devised to overcome their qualms and accept him as the head of the government would ring familiar to followers of the 2016 campaign. They believed the responsibility of governing would tame Hitler, and that his beliefs were amorphous and could be shaped by advisers once in office.

You ask yourself ‘Why do alcoholics keep drinking?’ Or ‘Why are some people so mean?’ Because it’s what they do. There’s not a lot of logic built into it. I don’t think the right wing has ever made any sense.

As for our ‘German conservatives’ over at Fox News, or National Review, who think sobering responsibilities or hallowed institutions or craggy advisers will somehow temper Trump’s fascism…

I think that it’s been an important reminder to all Americans that we have a judiciary that has taken far too much power and become in many cases a supreme branch of government,” Miller told John Dickerson of CBS News…

…they’re wrong.

“The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media, and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Donald’s worst tendencies will only be duly supported and then amplified…by the whip-wielding likes of Stephen Miller, a vicious piece of work in his own right. I know plenty of people who voted for the guy thought that he wouldn’t be that bad. He couldn’t be that bad! But he is. Congratulations, dumbass.

Go on. Impeach him. Now

Three weeks in and there’s still no indication any Republican has ever heard the term “Emoluments” much less “of any kind whatever.” They’re probably figuring to ride the tiger until he keels over and pukes a half-digested GOP on their loafers.

I don’t think it will be too long before that happens.

Plenty of people are going on and on about a country in chaos, but few are talking about what’s been settled. No one’s really much talked about the more remarkable fact: Donald Trump is an historically unpopular president with no hope of redemption.

PPP’s new national poll finds that Donald Trump’s popularity as President has declined precipitously just over the last two weeks. On our first poll of his Presidency voters were evenly divided on Trump, with 44% approving of him and 44% also disapproving. Now his approval rating is 43%, while his disapproval has gone all the way up to 53%.

In only 21 days Trump’s unfavorability has gone from 44% to 53%. This is not surprising given 1.) How horrible he is. 2.) What a fuck up he is. 3.) How many Americans already knew this about him. He’s not shy, and New York is not a small place.

And there’s this.

Just three weeks into his administration, voters are already evenly divided on the issue of impeaching Trump with 46% in favor and 46% opposed. Support for impeaching Trump has crept up from 35% 2 weeks ago, to 40% last week, to its 46% standing this week. While Clinton voters initially only supported Trump’s impeachment 65/14, after seeing him in office over the last few weeks that’s gone up already to 83/6.

Democrats were only about 5 to 1 on impeachment, but now they’re 14 to 1. He can call us whatever names he likes, but we’re still 40% of the country. And the territory he’s in now is deep and dark. The stain won’t wash off. He can’t be forgiven, he’ll never be popular. He has no hopes of ever being okay with the American people.

Shortly before the committee undertook its impeachment votes, a Harris Poll showed that 53 percent of Americans supported an impeachment of Nixon by the House. The same poll showed that 47 percent thought he should be convicted in a Senate trial, 34 percent thought he should be acquitted, and the rest were unsure.

Trump is now only seven percentage points from being in dead Nixon-walking territory. It’s a hard seven points for sure, but still. To be this close to having his presidency ended in its first month, it’s impressive.

ADD: Barbara Jordan, with one of the great political speeches of the century. Do yourself a favor and watch.

No harm in trying

This story broke on CNN a couple hours ago.

The sources said the Warren moment came up in the context of the Trump’s impromptu analysis of the state of the Democratic Party. Trump made his comments in what appeared to be a reference to Warren’s criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his confirmation process.

Now we know. Donald did in fact take note of Sen. Warren’s King-clubbing of Jeff Sessions, the refurbished racist and newly minted attorney general.

President Donald Trump taunted Democrats by telling them “Pocahontas is now the face of your party” — his insult of choice for Sen. Elizabeth Warren — during a meeting with senators earlier this week, sources told CNN.

Imagine we could get ‘Senators’ Lewis and Cummings to troll him like Senator Warren – maybe with a heartfelt exhortation not to hurt white folks from an actual white person. Capitol Testudine McConnell could silence the pair with a Jim Crow parliamentary faceslap, then Lindsay Graham could go on Fox News and regret the time was long past only telling the two to shut up. And if that’s what it takes to get Donald to drop an “Amos n’ Andy” bomb on all of us, I’m good.